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5-31-2015 Added more Landskenechte pictures

5-30-2015 Added Minoian army pictures

5-23-2015 Added tournament report Welcome to Mapucheland

5-19-2015 Updated Italian 2014-2015 dbmm classment

5-18-2015 Added Padova 2015 results

5-9-2015 Added Landsknechte army pictures

5-8-2015 Added Mamma Li Turchi results

4-18-2015 Added Torino 2015 results

4-17-2015 Added information for Padova 2015 The last stand

3-30-2015 Added Norman Scourge results

3-27-2015 Added Serbian Empire to armies on sale

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3-21-2015 Added Tamil vs Sui Chinese battle report

3-20-2015 Added the battle report Southern Dynasty Chinese vs Murabits

3-17-2015 Added Torino 2015 tournament information

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3-10-2015 Added ITC 2015 team results

3-3-2015 Added ITC 2015 Runners and riders

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2-27-2015 Added Post Mongol Samurai to armies on sale

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2-16-2015 Added Hana wa Sakura gi Hito wa Bushi results

1-19-2015 Added The Baltic Crusades results

11-26-2014 Added Apocalipto 2014 results and final classment of condottieri trophy

11-21-2014 Added Southern Han vs Khmer battle report

11-15-2014 Added MIR vs Later Carthaginian battle report

11-10-2015 Added Milano 2014 results

10-15-2014 Added Sassanid vs Hsiung Nu battle report

10-13-2014 Added Sarissa pictures

10-12-2014 Added Sarissa 2014 results

9-29-2014 Added Bassano 2014 results

9-22-2014 Added the battle report of the battle of Mohi

9-1-2014 Added information about Milan tournament

8-12-2014 Added Sea people vs Neo Assyrian battle report

8-9-2014 Added Sea People civil war battle report

8-6-2014 Added Chichimec vs Maya battle report

8-5-2014 Added Maya army pictures

8-4-2014 Added Mapuche vs Mixtec battle report

8-3-2014 Added Sarmatians vs Athenians battle report

8-1-2014 Added Wend vs Early Polish battle report

7-31-2014 Added Later Carthaginian army pictures

7-29-2014 Added Marian Roman to armies for sale

7-14-2014 Added Sassanid army list

7-6-2014 Added Ugaritic army list

7-4-2014 Added Hittite vs Makkan battle report

7-3-2014 Added later Sarmatian vs later Carthaginian battle report

7-2-2014 Added Maya army list

6-6-30-2014 Added information about Italian Team Championship 2015

6-29-2014 Added Sarmatian vs Galatian battle report

6-26-2014 Added games 3 and 4 to the tournament report "Defending Hittite Empire honour"

6-25-2014 Added games 1 and 2 to the tournament report "Defending Hittite Empire honour"

6-24-2014 Added Sotto il segno di Anubi tournament result and round by round scores

6-9-2014 Added The Sword and the Cross results

5-20-2014 Added Padova 2014 results

5-11-2014 Added Masters of Asia results and updated Condottieri trophy classment

5-10-2014 Added Early Carthaginian army pictures

5-8-2014 DBMM tournament in New Jersey

4-27-2014 Added Tamil Empire army list

4-19-2014 Added Rome power at stake, tournament report of Defending the Limes

4-18-2014 Added new pictures of Middle Imperial Romans

4-16-2014 Added Elephants of fury tournament report

4-15-2014 Updated italian classment and italian players statistics

4-14-2014 Added Torino 2014 results and round by round scoring

4-13-2014 Added Siamese army list presentation for Torino 2014 tournament

4-10-2014 Added No Surrender!, ITC 2014 report by Herbert Wong

4-8-2014 Added Middle Assyrian to armies for sale

3-31-2014 Added Padova 2014 tournament information

3-30-2014 Added Defending the Limes results

3-27-2014 Added Kushan to armies on sale

3-26-2014 Added Early Imperial Roman to armies on sale

3-14-2014 Added Sassanid army pictures

3-13-2014 Added pictures of custom dice

3-12-2014 Added pictures of Herbert Wong's WotR English army, winner of best painted army prize at ITC

3-11-2014 Updated Italian player statistics

3-10-2014 Added ITC 2014 classment and individual results

2-28-2014 Added Hittite Empire army list

2-22-2014 Added ITC Runners and riders

2-15-2014 Added Mapuche army list

2-7-2015 Added Hana wa Sakura gi Hito wa Bushi 2015 tournament information

2-3-2014 Added Hana wa Sakura gi Hito wa Bushi results

2-1-2014 Added Later Carthaginian army pictures

1-31-2014 Added Trebisonda in peril tournament report

1-27-2014 Added Sotto il segno di Anubi tournament information

1-26-2014 Added Torino 2014 tournament information

1-24-2014 Added Croatian to armies on sale

1-22-2014 Added Early Polish to army pictures

1-20-2014 Added Mamma Li Turchi 2014 results and Condottieri Trophy Classment

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1-9-2014 Added West Sudanese to armies on sale

1-8-2014 Added Tamil vs Patrician Roman battle report

1-3-2014 Added Avar army list

12-31-2013 Added West Sudanese army pictures

12-8-2013 Added Sha To Turkish army list

12-7-2013 Added Tlingit army pictures

11-29-2013 Added the report of the battle of Dura Europos

11-26-2013 Added Viking to armies on sale

11-25-2013 Added Yuan Chinese army list

11-24-2013 Added Apocalypto 2013 results

11-23-2013 Added Burgundian Ordonnance army pictures

11-21-2013 Added Mapuche army pictures

11-19-2013 Added Sassanid vs Early Macedonian Successor battle report

11-18-2013 Added Macedonian Early Successor army list

11-17-2012 Added Sea People vs Vedic Indian battle report

11-16-2013 Added Sea People vs Early Hu battle report

11-13-2013 Updated Italian players statistics

11-12-2013 Added Cham tournament report

11-11-2013 Added Milano 2013 classment and round by round results

11-10-2013 Added Cham army presentation

10-28-2013 Added Serbian vs Scot Common battle report

10-26-2013 Added Norman army pictures

10-20-2013 Added Later Carthaginian vs Middle Imperial Roman battle report

10-19-2013 Added Byzantine infantry pictures

10-16-2013 Added Pre Samurai army pictures

10-15-2013 Added pictures from Lord, Warriors and minions tournament

10-14-2013 Added Lords. Warriors and minion classment and results

10-11-2013 Added early Sassanid army pictures

10-9-2013 Added DBMM Fall In tournament information

9-29-2013 Added the team scenario The Conqueror including brief reports of the battles played

9-21-2013 Added Battle of the Maule, historical battle between Incas and Mapuches

9-17-2013 Added Early Crusader army list

9-16-2013 Added Resource page for Pre Columbus american armies

9-12-2013 Added Dailami vs Bosphoran battle report

9-9-2013 Added Bassano tournament results and updated italian players statistic

9-6-2013 Added Han Chinese army pictures

9-3-2013 Added Dailami vs Medieval German battle report

8-31-2013 Added Dailami army list

8-29-2013 Added Suevi vs Early Hu battle report

8-28-2013 Added Middle Imperial Roman army list

8-25-2013 Added Feudal English vs Teutonic Order battle report

8-24-2013 Added Later Suevi army list

8-23-2013 Added Cham vs Medieval German battle report

8-20-2013 Added Feudal English vs Medieval German battle report

8-13-2013 Added Feudal English vs Early Hu battle report

8-12-2013 Added Medieval German army list

8-10-2013 Added Carolingian list and tournament report

8-9-2013 Added Middle Imperial Roman vs Islamic Berber battle report

8-5-2013 Added Feudal English army list

8-1-2013 Added Milan 2013 tournament information

7-28-2013 Added army statistics from italian tournaments

7-27-2013 Added Feudal English vs Navarrese battle report

7-22-2013 Added Elephanta Gepanta tournament result

7-19-2013 Added Ottoman vs Teutonic Order battle report

7-17-2013 Added French Ordonnance to armies for sale

7-16-2013 Added Ottoman Turk army pictures

7-15-2013 Added Western Huns vs Hsiung Nu battle report

7-14-2013 Added Medieval German to armies for sale

7-11-2013 Added Chichimec vs Sassanid battle report

7-10-2013 Added Tang Chinese army pictures

7-9-2013 Updated italian player statistics

7-8-2013 Added 2012-2013 Italian final classment

7-7-2013 Added Recco 2013 classment and round by round results

7-5-2013 Added Chola vs Qarakhanid battle report

6-30-2013 Added Turgesh vs Early Vienamese battle report

6-27-2013 Added Khmer vs Sassanid battle report

6-26-2013 Added Condottieri Trophy 2014 information

6-20-2013 Added Recco 2013 tournament information

6-15-2013 Added the report of the large campaign battle of Iconium

6-14-2013 Added Hana wa Sakura gi Hito wa Bushi tournament information

6-13-2013 Added Apocalypto tournament information

6-12-2013 Added Inca presentation and reports of four games

6-11-2013 Added Gepanta 2013 classment and results

6-7-2013 Added Roxolani vs later Visigothic battle report

6-6-2013 Added Late Romans to armies on sale

6-2-12013 Added Ottoman Scourge scenario including also six battle reports

5-26-2013 Added Deus Lo Volt part 1, first battle in the new club kriegspiel campaign about First Crusade

5-20-2013 Added Padova 2013 results and updated Italian players statistic page

5-14-2013 Added Italian Lombard army list and Italian Lombard vs Khurasanian battle report

5-12-2013 Added Italian Team Championship 2014 page

5-11-2013 Added Welsh vs Navarrese battle report

5-8-2013 Added Cham vs Navarrese batte report

5-6-2013 Added Cham army list

5-3-2013 Added Carolingian army pictures

4- 29-2013 Added information about Gepanta tournament

4-26-2013 Added Dailami vs Arab Conquest battle report

4-23-2013 Added Parthians to armies on sale

4-19-2013 Added Battle of Orewin bridge scenario

4-17-2013 Updatd Italian players statistics, added Chalons battle report

4-16-2013 Added Turin tournament classment and round by round results

4-15-2013 Added Turin tournament report

4-10-2013 Added Later Carthaginian vs Classical Indian battle report

4-8-2013 Added Burmese army list

4-4-2013 Added battle report Middle Imperial Roman vs Classical Indian

4-3-2013 Added Classical Indian army pictures

4-2-2013 Addede Tang Chinese to armies on sale

3-24-2013 Added Marian Roman vs Order of St. John battle report

3-20-2013 Added a lot of huns to armies for sale

3-19-2013 Added Dark Age Mounted to armies on sale

3-18-2013 Added Inca vs Later Swiss battle report

3-16-2013 Added a table showing horse colours to help painting them

3-15-2013 Updated reports in ITC 2013 page

3-12-2013 Added West Frankish army list

3-11-2013 Added Saffarid vs Later Achemenid Persian battle report

3-9-2013 Added ITC pictures part 3 and part 4

3-8.2013 Updated Italian players statistics

3-7-2013 Added the top three army lists in each ITC pool. Links are in the ITC results page

3-6-2013 Added ITC pictures part 1 and part 2

3-5-2013 Added ITC pool classment

3-4-2013 Added ITC team results

2-19-2013 Added ITC Runners and Riders

2-18-2013 Added Middle Imperial Roman vs Later Sarmatian battle report

2-17-2013 Added Middle Imperial Roman army pictures

2-15-2013 Added French Ordonnance vs War of the Roses English battle report

2-1-2013 Added Huns vs Middle Imperial Roman battle report

1-31-2013 Added Hunnic army list

1-29-2013 Added Tang Chinese vs Central Asian Turkish battle report

1-26-2013 Added Medieval Islamic army pictures

1-25-2013 Added French Ordonnance army pictures

1-23-2013 Added Marian Roman army list

1-21-2013 Added Marian Roman vs Later Achemenid Persian battle report

12-30-2012 Added announcement of DBMM at Cold War tournament

12-29-2012 Added "The battle of Pharsalus" report

12-22-2012 Added Inca army list

12-18-2012 Added an overview of knight fast in wedge in strategikon section

12-17-2012 Added Apocalypto! tournament results and a brief report

12-14-2012 Added Inca vs Aztec battle report

12-9-2012 Added Mixtec army picture to Apocalypto page

12-8-2012 Added Sea People vs Early Achemenid Persian battle report

12-6-2012 Added pictures of Inuit and Amazonian armies to Apocalypto page

12-5-2012 Added picture of Proto Aztec army to Apocalypto page

12-3-2012 Added Inca army pictures to Enrico collection

11-30-2012 Added first round results and pictures from "The Mongol Horde Campaign"

11-26-2012 Added Granadine vs Later Hungarian battle report

11-25-2012 Updated Italian players statistics, added Inuit to Apocalipto army pictures

11-24-2012 Added Skythians to Diego's collection

11-23-2012 Added Milano 2012 pictures part 2

11-22-2012 Added Milano 2012 pictures

11-21-2012 Added Milano 2012 game 3 and game 4 reports, published the top 10 list from Milano 2012 tournament

11-20-2012 Added Milan 2012 game 2 report and Italian DBMM 2012-2013 classment

11-19-2012 Added Milan 2012 game 1 report

11-18-2012 Added Milano 2012 classment and results

11-17-2012 Added Han Chinese army presentation

11-12-2012 Updated Apocalypto! page

11-11-2012 Added Dynastic Bedouin army list

11-6-2012 Added "The Mongol Hordes" team scenario

10-30-2012 Added a new section to download free flags

10-29-2012 Added Medieval Islamics to armies for sale

10-25-2012 Added Hamadan Seljuq vs Ayyubid battle report

10-23-2012 Added Hellenistic Greek vs Early Visigothic battle report

10-20-20132 Added Bruttian vs Visigoth battle report

10-19-2012 Added medieval Arabs to army pictures

10-12-2012 Added Tamil army list and Tamil vs Marian Roman battle report

10-10-2012 Added Conquistadores army picture to Apocalypto! page

10-5-2012 Modified Apocalypto! tournament information

10-3-2012 Added Tarascan army list

10-1-2012 Added pictures of another Aztec army

9-30-2012 Added army pictures of another DBMM100 Aztec

9-27-2012 Added army pictures of the first DBMM 100 armies painted for Apocalipto tournament: Aztec and Inca

9-26-2012 The final battle report of the Romano-Sassanid campaign

9-25-2012 Added Medieval Russian army pictures

9-21-2012 Added Roxolani vs Middle Imperial Roman battle report and Roxolani army list

9-20-2012 Added Eastern Ts'in vs Attila's Huns battle report

9-19-2012 Added Alans to armies on sale

9-18-2012 Updated italian players statistics

9-17-2012 Added Later Swiss army pictures

9-11-2012 Added Early Armenian army list

9-9-2012 Added Later Muslim Indian army pictures

9-7-2012 Added Marian Roman vs Pre Islamic Arab battle report

9-6-2012 Added some Arabs to the armies on sale

9-5-2012 Added Nikaian Byzantine vs Ayyubid Egyptian battle report

9-4-2012 Added a report about Navarrese in Bassano tournament, and a report about L'Ordalia, a small club tournament

9-3-2012- Added Bassano 2012 classment and results

8-31-2012 Added the report of the second battle of the campaign between Romans and Sassanids

8-30-2012 Added Dacian vs Middle Imperial Roman battle report

8-22-2012 Added Skythian army pictures

8-21-2012 Added Britcon game 5 and game 6 reports

8-20-2012 Added the report of a large campaign game between Romans and Sassanids

8-17-2012 Added Britcon game 3 and game 4 report, Britcon classment and round by round results

8-16-2012 Added Britcon game 2 report

8-15-2012 Added Britcon game 1 report

8-13-2012 Added Britcon Ottoman army list presentation and Ireland-Italy test match report

8-8-2012 Added Uighurs vs Burgundian Ordonnance battle report

8-3-2012 Added Khmer vs Medieval Portuguese battle report

8-2-2012 Added Nikaian Byzantine army list

8-1-2012 Added the battle report Mithridatic vs Middle Imperial Roman

7-31-2012 Added Italian players statistics

7-30-2012 Added Mithridatic army list

7-27-2012 Added Alan vs Feudal Spanish battle report

7-25-2012 Added French Ordonnance vs Ayyubid battle report

7-23-2012 Added Navarrese vs Later Muslim Indian battle report

7-22-2012 Added Ming Chinese army list

7-18-2012 Added informations about Italian Team Championship 2013

7-16-2012 Added Ummayad Arab army list

7-15-2012 Added Malay army list

7-14-2012 Added Khmer pictures

7-12-2012 Updated the download section, with latest versions of DBMM clarifications, Army list errata, Prebattle QRS and Excel army sheet

7-11-2012 Added Early Frank army list

7-9-2012 Added Burgundian Ordonnance army list

7-5-2012 Added 2011-2012 italian championship classment

7-4-2012 Added Mameluk Egyptian army list, added Early Croatian tournament report

7-2-2012 Added Recco tournament classment and round by round results

6-20-2012 Added to the Strategikon a section about how move impetous troops

6-19-2012 Added Rollcall army lists - Dynastic Bedouin, Hindu Indian, Carolingian, Dailami, Andalusian, Seljuq Turks, Ghaznavid, Khurasanian, Komnenan Byzantine, West Frankish,

6-17-2012 Added Carthaginian army pictures

6-15-2012 Added a picture of Sciri allies to Hun army

6-12-2012 Added Bosphoran army list

6-10-2012 Added Dailami and Marian Roman to armies for sale

6-5-2012 Added Kushan army list

6-4-2012 Added more Sarmatian army pictures

6-3-2012 Added Sarmatian to army pictures

5-28-2012 Added Justinan's wars results and updated DBMM200 2012 Italian championship classment

5-22-2012 Added a link to a study by J. Harmatta for people curious to know more about Sarmatians

5-19-2012 Added Later Sarmatian army list

5-12-2012 Added Morean Byzantine army list

5-11-2012 Added Pecheneg army list

5-10-2012 Added Pre Feudal Scots army list

5-1-2012 Added Thracian to army pictures

4-30-2012 Added Later Achemenid Persian to army pictures

4-25-2012 Added Teutonic Order to armies on sale

4-23-2012 Added Hatra army list

4-22-2012 Added Torino game report 2, game 3 report and game 4 report

4-21-2012 Added Army presentation of the Hsien Pi Successors used in Torino Tournament and game 1 report

4-20-2012 Added Ancient Egyptians to armies on sale section

4-16-2012 Added Turin 2012 tournament classment and round results

4-8-2012 Added Hsien Pi army list

3-25-2012 Added Tibetan vs French Ordonnance battle report

3-24-2012 Added Medieval English to armies on sale

3-19-2012 Added complete results for each pool in ITC result page and ITC pictures part 5  

3-18-2012 Added ITC pictures part 4 and several reports in ITC result page

3-17-2012 Added ITC pictures part 3

3-16-2012 Added ITC pictures part 2

3-15-2012 Added ITC pictures part 1

3-12-2012 Added 2012 Italian Team Championship results

3-5-2012 Added Vikings to armies for sale section

3-3-2012 Added Sassanids to armies for sale section

3-1-2012 Added Numidians to armies for sale section

2-29-2012 Added Carthaginians to armies for sale section

2-27-2012 Added Early Germans to armies for sale section

2-26-2012 Added an Arab army to armies for sale section

2-25-2012 Added Italian Team Championship Runners and Riders list

2-4-2012 Added Yuan Chinese army list

1-24-2012 Added Sarissa 2012 results

1-2-2012 Upgraded all pictures in battle report section to a larger format for a better view

1-1-2012 Added Sung Chinese vs Early Bulgars battle report

12-29-2011 Added Jurchen Chin army list

12-28-2011 Added the campaign The Human Wave that toppled the Empires

12-26-2011 Added news about A&M sponsorship to Italian Team Championship

12-25.2011 Added Tibetan vs Seljuq Turks battle report

12-24-2011 Added Tibetan army list

12-21-2011 Added  Carolingian army pictures

12-20-2011 Added Comnenan Byzantine vs Later Crusaders battle report

12-19-2011 Added Tibetan army pictures

12-17-2011 Added The battle of Catalaunian Fields with a report inside

12-16-2011 Added Asiatic Successors army list

12-15-2011 Added Northern Han vs Carolingian battle report

12-14-2011 Added Samnite army list

12-11-2011 Added Feudal English army list

12-10-2011 Added Carolingian vs Qarakhanid battle report

12-9-2011 Added Northern Han army list

12-5-2011 Added Chola Empire vs Mongol Conquest  battle report

12-3-2011 Added Bruttian army list

12-2-2011 Added Surun!!!! team scenario and a report of the games

11-29-2011 Added Emilio's pictures from Milan tournament

11-24-2011 Added Organization and tactics of Ottoman Turks by Dave Mather

11-22-2011 Added Sea People army pictures

11-20-2011 Added Guptas vs Sarmatians battle report

11-19-2011 Added Organization and tactics of Kyrenean Greeks by Lawrence Greaves

11-18-2011 Added Empires Dawn team scenario and report of the games

11-17-2011 Added Sassanid army pictures

11-16-2011 Added Sea People vs Lybian Egyptian battle report

11-15-2011 Added Dailami army pictures and Italian DBMM classment 2011-12 championship

11-14-2011 Added Milano 2011 tournament classment and round by round result, added Skythian to armies on sales

11-11-2011 Added Italian Condotta to army pictures

11-2-2011 Added  Pictures part 4 from the Sword and the Cross tournament

11-1-2011 Added Romanian Franks vs Novgorod Russians battle report

10-30-2011 Added Chola Empire army list

10-28-2011 Added Pictures part 3 from the Sword and the Cross tournament, added 2012 DBMM200 Trophy dates and rules

10-27-2011 Added Lydian army list

10-26-2011 Added Hittite army list and pictures part 2 from the Sword and the Cross tournament

10-25-2011 Added later Sargonid army list

10-24-2011 Added pictures part 1 from the Sword and the Cross tournament

10-23-2011 Added "The Sword and the Cross" classment and round by round results and 2011 DBMM200 Trophy final classment

10-21-2011 Added Urartian, Later Sargonid and Skythian army lists from Bassano 2011 tournament

10-18-2011 Added Cilician Armenian army list

10-14-2011 Added Under the Eagles scenario with a report of the games

10-12-2011 Advertised the tournament "Men of Iron"

10-11-2011 Added Medieval Spanish army pictures

10-10-2011 Added Mithridates vs Pompeus' Romans battle report

10-7-2011 Added Mongol conquest to army pictures

10-6-2011 Added Game 4 to Bassano 2011 tournament report

10-5-2011 Added Game 3 to Bassano 2011 tournament report

10-4-2011 Added Bassano tournament classment and round results, added Game 2 report

10-3-2011 Added Game 1 to Bassano 2011 tournament report

10-1-2011 Added Early Egyptian presentation to Tournament report

9-28-2011 Added Lybian Egyptian army list

9-27-2011 Riedited battle report Marian Romans vs early Selucid with 25% larger pictures and picture text

9-26-2011 Added Navarrese army list

9-24-2011 Added Early Croatian army pictures

9-20-2011 Added a 14 players map to the Prussian Crusade campaign

9-8-2011 Added the Prussian Crusades campaign

8-3-2011 Added Epirot Byzantine vs Vikings battle report

8-1-2011 Added Epirot Byzantine army list

7-31-2011 Added Cuman vs Mongol Conquest battle report

7-28-2011 Added "The roots of european wars" campaign

7-27-2011 Added Apocalypto! tournament informations

7-25-2011 Added Kimmerian army list

7-24-2011 Added Alan vs Later Seleucid battle report

7-23-2011 Added Sarissa pictures part 4

7-22-2011 Added Alan army pictures

7-21-2011 Added Sarissa pictures part 3

7-20-2011 Added Sarissa pictures part 2

7-19-2011 Added Sarissa pictures part 1

7-18-2011 Added Sarissa tournament results, added page listing teams subscribed to 2012 DBMM Italian team championship

7-17-2011 Added Polybian Roman army list

7-15-2011 Added Carolingian and Cuman army lists

7-14-2011 Added Ugaritic and Later Amorite army lists

7-13-2011 Added 100 years war English vs Wallachian battle report

7-12-2011 Added Italian Hill Tribes and Illyrian army lists

7-11-2011 Added Early Northern barbarian and 100 years war English army lists, added Early Northern Barbarian vs Later Sargonid battle report

7-10-2011 Added 100 years war English vs Khmer battle report

7-9-2011 Added Ottoman and later Carthaginians to armies for sale section

7-8-2011 Added Post Mongol Russian army pictures

7-7-2011 Added Former Chin civil war battle report

7-6-2011 Added one hundred years war english to army pictures section

7-5-2011 Added Tuareg tournament reports of game 3 and game 4

7-4-2011 Added Italian team championship 2012 page, added Tuareg tournament reports of game 1 and game 2

7-3-2011 Added Later Muslim Indian reports of game 3 and game 4

7-2-2011 Added battle of Legnica report, added Chiang and Ti army list

7-1-2011 Added Later Muslim Indian presentation to Recco battle reports, added Later Muslim Indian tournament reports of game 1 and game 2

6-30-2011 Added some pictures from Recco tournament, added Post Mongol Russian army list, added Tuareg presentation to Recco battle reports

6-29-2011 Added French Ordonnance tournament reports of game 3 and game 4 in Recco, added Tuareg army list

6-28-2011 Added French Ordonnance tournament reports of game 1 and game 2 in Recco, added Khmer army list

6-27-2011 Added Recco tournament results and Battle of Legnica to Campaign and scenario section

6-26-2011 Added French Ordonnance presentation to tournament report

6-25-2011 Added more 100 years wars english army pictures, added Catalan Company army list

6-24-2011 Added Venetian Condotta vs Murabits battle report, organization of tactics of hellenistic armies to strategikon section, Medieval Spanish army list

6-23-2011 Added 100 years wars english army pictures, added Ottoman army list

6-22-2011 Added Later Muslim Indian vs Early Crusader battle report, added Palaiologan Byzantine army list

6-21-2011 Added battle of Dertosa to Campaign and scenario section, added Georgian army list

6-20-2011 Added Teutonic Order vs Aragonese battle report

6-19-2011 Added Italian Condotta army list and Siamese vs Later Hungarian battle report

6-18-2011 Added battle of Othee to campaign and scenario section, added early Byzantine army list

6-17-2011 Added the report of the battle of Nedao to campaign and scenario section

6-16-2011 Added Hsien-Pi, Mamluks and Siamese army lists

6-15-2011 Added the battle of Nedao to campaign and scenario section

6-14-2011 Added Later Bulgar vs Ottoman battle report and Later Bulgar army list

6-13-2011 Added "The Crusader era" scenario, with a full report inside, added Ayyiubid army list

6-12-2011 Added Galatians to army pictures section

6-11-2011 Added Early Byzantine civil war battle report

6-10-2011 Added Battle of Chirokitia to campaign and scenario section

6-9-2011 Added Early Crusaders army pictures

6-8-2011 Added Genghis Khan invasions, including battle reports, inside the campaign and scenario section

6-7-2011 Added some links to show miniature pictures in the miniature producers section, added later muslim Indian army list

6-6-2011 Added the battle of Argentoratum to the Campaign and scenario section and Early Polish army list

6-5-2011 Added Early Crusaders army list

6-4-2011 Added Tuareg in Turin tournament battle report and Spring and Autumn Chinese army pictures

6-3-2011 Added Justinan's wars page 1 and page 2 of pictures

6-2-2011 Added Order of S. John army pictures and Yuan chinese army list

6-1-2011 Added Kushans to army pictures section

5-31-2011 Added more Torino tournament pictures

5-30-2011 Added Torino tournament results, army lists and pictures

5-29-2011 Added Islamic Berber army list

5-28-2011 Added Romanian Franks vs Aragonese battle report

5-27-2011 Added Medieval Spanish army list

5-26-2011 Added an army to the army for sale section, and Paolo's collection in the army pictures

5-25-2011 Added Mongols to army collections

5-24-2011 Added Anglo Norman army list

2-21-2011 Added Justinian's wars results and 2011 DBMM200 Trophy classment

2-19-2011 Added Nykaian Byzantine vs Feudal French battle report

2-18-2011 Added Nikaian Byzantine army list

1-28-2011 Added Hundred years' war scenario report

1-25-2011 Added Northern Dynasty Chinese army list, added Northern Dynasty vs West Sudanese battle report

1-23-2011 Added "The hundred years war" campaign

1-22-2011 Added Dacian army lists, added DBMM gadgets page

1-20-2011 Added Dacian army pictures

1-19-2011 Added Sha-To Turkish army list, added Dacian campaign war report

1-18-2011 Added Sassanid vs Alan to battle reports

1-17-2011 Added Alan pictures to Enrico's collection

1-15-2011 Added Early Polish army lists, added "Normans in South Italy" campaign

1-14-2011 Added game 3 and game 4 to Defending the Empire report

1-13-2011 Added game 1 and game 2 to Defending the Empire report, added "Caesar in Gaul" to Campaign section

1-12-2011 Added Catalan Company to Diego's gallery, added Palaiologan presentation to Mamma li Turchi report

1-11-2011 Added "For sale" section, added "Domitian's Dacian war" to Campaign section

1-10-2011 Added Mamma Li Turchi tournament results and army lists used. Opened the subscriptions to Justinian's wars

1-9-2011 Added Maurikian vs Nikephorian Byzantine battle report, Kostantinian Byzantine army list

1-8-2011 Added Maurikian Byzantine list and Nikephorian Byzantine pictures to Enrico's gallry.

1-7-2011 Added Khitan Liao army list, added Khitan Liao vs Rus battle report

1-6-2011 Added a DBMM200 sample game

1-5-2011 Added Ottomans to Enrico's Gallery

1-4-2011 Added Hunnic army list, some ships pictures

1-3-2011 Added Central Asian TurkishRomanian Franks army lists, a DBMM200 sample game added.

1-2-2011 Added 100yw English and Medieval French army lists

1-1-2011 Added two more DBMM200 sample games, added Romanian Franks army list

12-31-2010 Added French Ordonnance army list, added to Strategikon "How to outflank enemy"

12-30-2010 Added one more sample games to DBMM200 page, added Later Hebrew pictures to Stefano's gallery

12-29-2010 Started to add pictures to army lists. The armies marked with a "P" on the list page got it. Advertised three new DBMM 200 tournament, "Justinian's war", "Sarissa" and "The Sword and the Cross"

12-28-2010 Added Early Byzantine to army pictures, added Medieval German and Qara Khitan army lists

12-27-2010 Added Southern Dynasty Chinese vs Rus battle report.

12-26-2010 Added a DBMM 200 sample game

12-25-2010 Added Rus to Fabietto's gallery, added Rus and Southern D. Chinese to army lists

12-24-2010 Added Early Lombard army list, Uighurs vs Early Lombard battle report.

12-23-2010 Added Western Franks to Enrico's collection

12-22-2010 Added a DBMM 200 sample game

12-21-2010 Added Tupi army list

12-20-2010 Added Early Byzantine and Early Bulgar army list, Early Byzantine vs Turgesh battle report

12-19-2010 Added Komnenan Byzantine army lists

12-18-2010 Added Welsh, Italian Lombard, Ummayad Arab army lists

12-17-2010 Added Feudal Spanish, Rus, Early Hungarian, Early Slav army lists

12-16-2010 Added East Frankish, Magyar and Fatimid army lists

12-15-2010 Added Italian Ostrogoths and Early Lombard army lists

12-14-2010 Added Nikaian Byzantine army list

12-13-2010 Added a DBMM200 sample game

12-12-2010 Added Tang vs Tibetans battle report and Early T'ang army list

12-10-2010 Added DBMM 200 section with pictures and battle reports

12-5-2010 Added Early Imperial Roman army list

12-3-2010 Added Ancient British and later Carthaginian army lists

12-2-2010 Added Huns, Seleucid and Alan army lists

12-1-2010 Added Sung Chinese army list, Sung vs Samurai battle report, Set Up and Weather table

11-30-2010 Added Central Asian Turkish army list

11-29-2010 Added Hsiung Nu, Late Imperial Roman, Patrician Roman army lists

11-27-2010 Added Italian Condotta to Dave's collection

11-26.2010 Added Hsiung Nu army list

11-24-2010 Added Middle Imperial Roman, Late Imperial Roman and Alex Imperial army

11-23-2010 Added Sarmatians,  Gauls army list

11-21-2010 Added third and fourth games in Milan report, early German and LAP army list

11-20-2010 Added second game in Milan report, Later Macedonian, Patrician and  Skythians army list, Emilio Antichi Milan Tournament report

11-19-2010 Added Campaign report, Patrician Roman, Early German army list, first Milan tournament game report

11-18-2010 Added LIR, Patrician army lists, added Hun presentation to Milan report

11-17-2010 Added Milan tournament results

10-25-2010 Added Later Sarmatians army list

10-24-2010 Added Pre Samurai Japanese army list

10-23-2010 Added Rus pictures to Eddy's gallery, linked Armin Luck's report of Paris tournament

10-22-2010 Added Early Imperial Roman pictures to Dennis' gallery, more Miniature Producers

10-21-2010 Added Ancient British pictures to Mario's gallery

10-20-2010 Added Battle report to th ongoing campaign

10-19-2010 Added Andalusian pictures to Mario's gallery, more news in the Miniature Producers section, Paris tournament results.

10-18-2010 Added Patrician Roman army list

10-17-2010 Added Greco Indian army list

10-16-2010 Added Miniature Producers section

10-15-2010 Added Army Introduction to Paris Tournament

10-14-2010 Added Communal army pictures to Mario's Gallery

10-13-2010 Added Breton and Volga Bulgar army lists

10-12-2010 Added Samurai to Fred's gallery, Abyssinian army list

10-11-2010 Added Huns vs Chi'n battle report, added Later Hungarians army pictures to Nikola's gallery

10-10-2010 Added a Campaign Battle report.

10-9-2010 Added more Carthaginians pictures to Eddy's gallery, Runners and Riders in Paris tournament

10-8-2010 Added Chi'n army list, Mongol army to Fred's gallery, Mamma li Turchi tournament news

10-7-2010 Added Viking army list, Carolingian army pictures to Riccardo's gallery

10-6-2010 Added Sicilian and Later Carthaginian army lists, Sassanids to Fabio's gallery

10-5-2010 Added Early Northern Barbarians and Ghurid army lists, Carthaginian army pictures, Paris tournament initial report page

10-4-2010 Added Crusaders to Fred gallery and Marian Romans to Diego's gallery

10-3-2010 Added African Vandal army list, Chi'n chinese added to Sergio's gallery

10-2-2010 Added Campaign battle report, Assyrians pictures to Fred's Gallery, Palmyra army list

10-1-2010 Added Lusitanian to Riccardo's gallery, Andalusian, Early Vandal, Late Imperial Roman army list.

9-30-2010 Added to Campaign reports Moesia Invasion and a Battle report

9-29-2010 Added Early Hebrew, Middle Assyrian, Thracian,  Sea People, Sargonid army lists, added Tournament report Round three and Round four.

9-28-2010 Added Tournament report Round two, added more awesome Communal Italian pictures, New Kingdom Egyptian, Neo Assyrian, later Hebrew, Western Ch'u, Early Lybians army lists

9-27-2010 Added Bassano Tournament results, Tournament reports Round one,

9-25-2010 Added Communal Italian in Edie's gallery, Bassano Tournament introduction to the DBMM Tournament reports, added "Basic informations for people that doesn't know DBMM mechanics" to the index page

9-24-2010 Added Later Visigothic vs Seleucids battle report, How to use psiloi to Strategikon, Trapezuntine Byzantine army list

9-23-2010 Added Gallic army list, Campaign battle report

9-22-2010 Added Neo-Assyrians to Marco's gallery, Later Visigothic army list, Campaign Battle report

9-21-2010 Added Priest-King of God campaign, Later Muslim Indian army list, Skythians pictures in Diego's gallery

9-20-2010 Added more awesome Byzantines pictures, Neo-Assyrian army list

9-19-2010 Added Byzantine pictures to Fabio's gallery, Kushite Egyptian army list

9-18-2020 Added the campaign Rome, Mithridates and Asia by Rob Brennan, Abbasid and Feudal French army list

9-17-2010 Added Sassanid pictures, Sassanid army list

9-16-2010 Added New Kingdom Egyptian pictures to Riccardo's gallery, Ghaznavid army list

9-15-2010 Added Nikephorian Byzantines army pictures, Georgian and Warring states chinese army list

9-14-2010 Added Barbarians army pictures, Early Russian army list

9-13-2010 Added Arab Conquest army list, Seleucids army picture in Dennis' gallery, "How let opponet guess" to the Strategikon section

9-12-2010 Added Maurikian Byzantine, Pre Islamic Arab, Classical Indian and Alamannic army list

9-11-2010 Added "Basic Plans" to Strategikon

9-10-2010 Added a Campaign battle report, added Alexander macedonian list

9-8-2010 Added Tibetan and Polybian Roman army list and Campaign battle report

9-7-2010 Added Turks pictures

9-6-2010 Added Italian Condotta army list, resized all battle report pictures

9-5-2010 Added Sea People, Early Northern Barbarians, Nikephorian Byzantine and Mitanni army list

9-4-2010 Added Philistine, Later Carthaginian and Sha-To Turk army lists, started a report of the campaign played in my club

9-3-2010 Added Golden Horde, Early T'ang, Siamese army list, added Ghaznavid pictures to Dennis' gallery

9-2-2010 Added Later Bulgars army list, "How to choose the terrain" to the Strategikon.

9-1-2010 Added Dynastic Bedouin and Khurasanian army list, Spartans vs Romans battle report.

8-31-2010 Added Urartian and Later Carthaginian army list

8-30-2010 Added French Ordonnance pictures, Han Chinese army list

8-29-2010 Added French Ordonnance and Mongol Conquest army list, battle report of Trapezuntine vs Teutonics,

8-28-2010 The Calamitous Fourteenth Century added to Campaign section, Serbians and Timurids to army list section, Feudal French to army pictures

8-27-2010 New Byzantine pictures, Ayyubid army list, added "How to deploy Elephants" to the Strategikon section, added Feudal French picture in Riccardo's gallery

8-26-2010 Added "How to attack troops in difficult going" to the Strategikon section, Huns pictures, Medieval French army list

8-25-2010 Added Serbians pictures, Galatian and Wallachian army list

8-24-2010 Added "How to attack enemy bowmen" to Strategikon section, battle report Wallachians vs Later Hungarians, resized Ancient Egyptians pictures, Seleucid army list

8-23-2010 Added Hundred years war English pictures, New Kingom Egyptian picture in Marco's Gallery, resized Marian Romans, Medieval Indian and Spartans pictures

8-22-2010 Added Arab Conquest and Southern Han army lists, T'ang chinese pictures

8-21-2010- Added Huns vs Seleucid battle report, Western Hun army list, added Strategikon section, modified picture properties

8-20-2010- Added Gepid, Early Egyptian, Numidian and Sciri army lists, Egyptian army pictures, some more links, new Event section

8-19-2010- Added pictures of Medieval Indian, Late Imperial Roman army list, New Kingdom Egyptian army list

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