Crecy English

This is another army made with Khurasan miniatures because I liked the figures. The first period of the Hundred years war is my preferred one, and it is a transitional one for the armour and equipment used. To the initial batch to finish the army I added some more elements using Donnington new era miniatures from 100 year wars range. They are very nice and I reccomended them. They are worth their (quite high) cost.

The army composition is less straightforward than player can think, because it can include IKnO and some support troops, to the usual complement of BwS and BdS. In the first period the percentage of men at arms is higher, and this is a plus.


The King and the men at arms.


The foot archers, bulk of the army. The equipment is varied and the headgear is correct




Welsh foot


The whole army.



The generals mounted and the Gascon knights. The miniatures in this picture and in the following ones are Donnington new era from  Hundred years war range.


Knights close up


The trusted gascons


Bidets and welsh spearmen


Donnington reinforcements. If I would expand this army with few more elements, I could field it as Anglo Irish, late Feudal English or Navarrese with full free company complements.