Recco 2011 Fourth round

Last round, I was third and needed a big victory. My opponent used Anglo Normans, a good match up for my army.


I attacked, and all the terrain selected by my opponent landed in his deployment area, forming a formidable defensive position.

He deployed all his corps protected by the features, with WbF in the woods, two infantry corps behind the hedges and a reserve of IKnO with the CiC as reserve.

I attacked with two corps on the right wing, outflanking the enemy position, and keeping a third corps in the center to fix the enemy. The picture is taken after my first turn.


My BwS started to shoot on the enemy infantry and to threaten IKnO, while the KnS manouvered to support the archers and eventually charge.

Looking at the difficult situation on the left, the Anglo Norman player decided to sally from the woods and attack my lower pip dice corps, letting go sponno the WbF.


I immediately switched the pip dice to give my corps under enemy pressure the higher pip dice, because the outflanking manouver was completed. This let me counterattack the disordered enemy


Weakened by the skirmisher losses and by the continous shooting, the IKnO charged. The better quality of french troops made the difference and the Anglo Norman CiC corps broke.


The welsh corps too suffered many losses due the open flanks, and the ME loss transmission from CiC corps broke it as well. The French here were regrouping to engage the anglo norman reinforcements from the left corps.


The french corps regrouped and started to roll the enemy central command and march to the enemy camp. After losing few more elements the Anglo Norman army broke. 25-0 for the Ordonnance.

What seemed to be a very strong position doomed the Normans, because blocked the army in an immobile position letting the French manouver at will and engaging the enemy piecemal.


Unfortunately, on table one, a 25-0 win let me classified second by one point, and I lost the italian championship.

The French Ordonnance proved an excellent army, a bit difficult to use well but powerful.

My main mistake is that I played giving too much importance to the scores. This calculating strategy resulted in a "braked" tournament of mine. I should have attacked and behaved more aggressively always. Smash enemies in the end is the best choice!!


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