Medieval Serbians

Serbians reputation as hard charging knight is always a plus if you want to choose a shock army. Who doesn't want on the game table to have his knights perform as the Serbians at Ankara, when they smashed Tamerlane's best cavalry?

Well, I do. The army is made with a mix of figures, there are Essex, Old Glory, Gladiators, some Irregular too. The knights miniatures are selected to represent Serbians in 1300, to have the option to field them as IKnF or IKnS.


Generals. Often they lead the reckless charges


IKnS, the flower of the army. These guys knows how win (or lose ) battles


Gusars (Pirates) ILhO. I use them to cover flanks and support the knights.



skirmishers IPsO. If the battlefield is open, I deploy them behind the KnS. They are not strong enough to contest a difficult terrain to a determined enemy, so need height advantage or superior numbers to succeed.


 IBw, once in position they need no pips to be effective. This leaves the much needed pips to Lh and Kn.


Serbian heavy infantry. Too few to be decisive, nonetheless they have a use, expecially versus enemy bowmen


IAxO. I like to use them under Bosnian command, to have an autonomous pid dice for them


Hungarians, Cumans and Tartars, various mercenaries paid with the loot


The militia and the camp guards. I try to keep them out of troubles, but sometime I cannot.


The poorly organized baggage.