IV / 65 Wallachian and Moldavian

'Since the race of Vlachs is altogether faithless and perverse, and does not keep faith with God or with the Emperor or with its own kindred or with a friend, but works to undo them all, and lies a great deal, and steals all over the shop, and swears the most solemn oaths to its friends and lightly disregards them, never put faith in a one of them. I advise you not to trust them at all.' (Cecaumeni Strategicon [ed. V. Vassilievsky and V. Jernstedt, St Petersburg, 1896], Zapiski Istoriko-filologicheskago Fakulteta Imperatorskago S-Peterburgskago Universiteta, Chast' XXXVIII, p. 74).


Moldavian army


C1- Brilliant CiC ICvO, 2 ICvO, 4 RKnO, 8 ILhS, 4IPsO - 25ME

C2 and C3- SG ICvO, 8 ILhS, 8IBwO, 4 IPsO - 24ME

C4- 5 IBgI - 5ME

Stratagems (25AP): Ambush, Feigned Flight, Flank attack

Always use terrain to protect bowmen. Use ambush to hide them and deploy wide. LhS should outlank opponent and force enemy to manouver and weaken the front line. Use feigned flight to lure enemy towards ambushes. Bw too must disorder and inflict some casualties. When enemy has been weakened, KnO should attack. This army needs time and patience to worn down opponents