Elephants running amok in Recco - First game


My first opponent was A. Picarelli using Burgundian Ordonnance, a lethal mix of bowmen superior, pikes and knight, with the unwelcomed addition of two artilleries. My pets are allergic to cannonballs


Using the higher PiP dice, I manouvered the CiC corps with the nellies to the left, out of artillery range, while the LhS command went to the right wing. In a couple of turns, thanks to speed and nimbless of my light cavalry I was able to change the deployment.


My plan was to engage the burgundian KnO on the right with my large LhS corps, while the ElS, supported by more ILhS, would have charged the other wing.


My opponent, as soon realized the danger facing its KnO, dismounted. The combat was much tougher for me. I was confident because the Burgundian ends of the line were held by a couple of LhI. Once killed these, I could have hard flanked the BdS. Unfortunately the God Dice did not bless me. I needed three turns to kill the rascals, losing 2 ILhS. The two enemy LhI died with their boots on.


In the meanwhile, on the opposite wing my attack initially was successful. I was able to eliminate the opponent BwO flank guards


Later the BwX/S shooting caused massive casualties and disheartened my CiC corps, so I decided to withdraw it, to avoid unpleasent consequences


Finally on the right wing the superior quality and number of my command prevailed on the enemy BdS corps that was disheartened.

After 3 hours and 20 minutes of tough combat we had the same casualty points, 13-12 for my opponent. To cite Shakespeare, MUCH ADO FOR NOTHING!!!


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