IV / 48 Yuan Chinese


C1- Brilliant CiC RCvS, 8 RCvS - 24ME

C2- SG RCvS, 12 RLhS, 8 RPsS - 24ME

C3- SG RCvS, 10 RLhS - 18ME

C4- 5 RBgF - 12ME

Stratagems: Feigned Flight, Concealed Command

One of the ultimate version of steppe armies: four regular corps and regular LhS to have maximum control. As usual, LhS must try to outflank enemy and use speed and control to focus on a selected sector that must be smashed with the heavy cavalry. Once pierced the enemy line, roll the army.


B) Richard Cornwell's version, used at Cancon 2012

CinC RCv(S), 4 RCV(S), 8 RLH(S) 24ME
Sub RCv(S), 2 RCv(S) with DBE RAx(I), 6 RLH(S), 18ME
Sub RCv(S), 2 RCv(S), 5 I Ax(O), 3 RPs(O) 16ME
Sub RLH(S), 6 R LHS 12ME
2 R Art(O), 7 R Bg(I) 16ME
Feigned Flight Stratagem