Game 1 vs Mu Jun Hsien Pi - Torino 14th-15th April 2012

First game I picked possibly the worst opponent in the pool. An experienced player, very battle wise, with my same army but heavier troops thanks to double based CvS.


The table, as expected, was flat. The game started well because I could attack by night. My plan was to try to attack on a wing, while delaying a corps to engage the enemy on the flank that would have tried to outflank my center. The night messed all up, but gave me three precious bounds to position a corps around the enemy flank


When the dawn arrived, the situation for my opponent was difficult. The delayed corps entered at its first pip roll, and a CvO wing was under severe pressure. To not let the enemy redeploy or gain time, I marched the ICvS straight on the GH hill, giving my opponent the first charge with uphill bonus. It was a risk, but I wanted to roll the flank before the Hsien Pi cataphract archers could redeploy


The Hsien Pi player decided to send reinforcement to his wing under attack, reinforcing a failure. I needed to get rid of the enemy corps as fast as possible, and gain the uphill bonus to deal with the new enemies.


In the fighting sector there was a traffic jam, with reinforcements slowed by front line troop. The enemy CiC corps, with double based ICvS/I, started to roll low pips and this hampered the deployment in battle line of the troops.


The CiC corps took the brunt of combat against the enemy reinforcements. The uphill advantage proved very important versus the enemy CvO. Enemy CiC kept rolling very low pips, and my LhF infiltrated along the flanks of the enemy formations. Mu Jung army broke soon after this picture. 25-0

This was the perfect game, everything went smooth. In the four critical bounds the enemy CiC rolled just 1 and 2 for his pips. In these condition there is not much to be done. I was lucky.


Giorgio, my opponent and me. Italian style!

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