Wend vs Early Polish

Some days ago Jonathan from Denmark was on holiday in Milan, and he contacted me to play a game. I was happy to oblige, and provided two armies for an historical match up. I proposed Wends and Early Polish. Jonathan chosed the polish host, and so we were ready to start

Wends defended and the battlefield was cluttered by woods. A rocky flat in the center somehow disturbed the polish plan to exploit the central bare plain, usefulk to deliver their knigt F charge. The cavalry on the right should be used to outflank the enemy army, but the polish set up protected this flank with infantry, denying any opportunity there.


The rocky flat in the center is the key of the wend defence and wends attacked it immediately. Seizing it would possibly threaten polish knight flanks and help to protect the many IAxS in good going facing knights,


Wend cavalry manouvered from right to center to bolster their infantry.


The polish was aggressive, and soon was able to destroy the wend enfants perdu. The main problem was that polish left wing had many turns of poor pips


Polish left corps was soon disordered and could launch a coordinated attack on wend main body


In the meantime the two other polish command were slowed by the wend attack through the wood and the necessity to cover the knight flank


With a concerted effort wend left and central command inflicted many casualties on the polish left corps. This had a high price, paid by the central wend command, that was almost disheartened


With the left wing crumbling, finally the polish launched an all out attack


The Polish CiC was killed but the knights trampled the wend infantry. Should this run away, the ME transmission would doom the whole wend army


Reinforcements from the left arrived and the wend gained the upper hand


The Wends won the battle, having two corps just one element away from being disheartened. 23-2.

Nice game, much more balanced than the final score would suggest. Polish was not helped by lowly pips in the left sector, and possibly was too cautious with the other corps, attacking too late.