Teutonic Order vs Aragonese Spanish

This is a game I observed and found quite interesting, because the Spanish player is fond of massed archers, and he plays these troops, always of inferior or ordinary quality, also in the fourth period. Facing a Teutonic army with RKnS double based that can be a challenge.


The Aragonese defended, and the table was quite open. The spanish player flank marched on the right a bowmen corps, and anchored the second infantry command to the rough going on the right. He wisely deployed back the heavy cavalry, trying to protect it with the vineyard that could be a base to sally on german flank and rear.

The Teutonic tactic was simple. Use the double based Teutonics to speahead an all out attack.


The Teutonic attacked in echelon


The Aragonese got ready to receive the charge


The Teutonics charge in, and immediately lose the left flank general for a huge mistake.


Finally the spanish flank march entered, and the Teutonic, in true haughty style, sent against the foot rabble some knights supported by turcopoles


The Spanish knights were holding so far, thanks also to a good use of reserves


German crusaders under an arrow storm


The Spanish center broke under repeated teutonic charges


Teutonics losses mounted. and the german player decided to sent the order wedges to deal with the flank march and destroy the annoying spanish


Would the reinforcement restore the situation?


The Aragonese aggressive tactic costed some casualties but the pressure put the disordered teutonic on the edge of rout


The Aragonese swarm was victorious versus too few teutonics. The Order army broke. A costly victory for the spanish: 17-8


The game was partly decided by the early loss of a teutonic general, that hampered a lot the command and control of the Order army. The spanish tactic was good, because avoided a direct charge by superior knights on the bowmen, that were a big part of the spanish army.

The Teutonics when played in an all mounted version have the usual downside of being a small army, so no mistake can be forgiven