Battle of Arretium - Spring 69 AD

The armies that faced each other had the worst infantry avalaible: gallic levies and marine recruits. Vindex had a marked cavalry superiority, while Nero had more Auxilia.


The terrain was hilly and rough. Two big RH were on the attacker side, while some brush area covered the center of the battlefield. Nero, to the right, overstretched his line with the goal to envelop the enemy. Vindex, on the left, started with the army deployed deeply and with his elite cavalry on the left. He would have attacked there.


Opening stages: Nero boldly advanced, while Vindex numidians outflanked the enemy line.


Nero cavalry reaction can be seen on the far wing


Numidians keep running around the enemy flank while the heavy cavalry approach with advantage of position.


The enemy lines advanced, and Nero decided to let go the Numidians rearranging his cavalry line.


Advance guard clash


Both players started fuelling reserves in the combat. The Numidians closed to the loyalist baggage.


The full wing corps were engaged now


The "law of murphy" moment: hole near the loyalist CiC in Nero's turn


Vindex duly proceed to attack and flank Nero.


Nero was killed and the baggage lost. Right wing broked. Loyalist left wing, not knowing the bad news, kept attacking



Vindex defensive wing was under heavy pressure. Casualties mounted up.


The battle reached his climax


Vindex didn't engage his legions. He didn't trust his men.


Nero angry men pushed hard and Vindex wing was near collapse


Suddenly the Numidians, true heroes of the day, appeared after the camp sack and killed another roman general.

Nero army finally broke and Vindex could start the party. Rome has a new Emperor.


A game decided by the cavalry superiority. Generalslosses crippled the loyalist side, while the rebel played a very cautious and sound game, avoiding any mistakes that could waste his advantage.


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