Recco 2011 Third round

On the third round I met the other guy that could win the championship, using a French Ordonnance with two french corps and a swiss ally. He is usually a defensive player, so again I should have tried to use manouver to gain some advantage. At this stage every single point was important for the final classment and we had both a score of 38.


I was the defender and was able to put down a good terrain, with a big rough in the center to hamper enemy pikes and having the flanks open.

I decided to attack on the right wing, with a reserve of KnS on the left. My opponent choosed a very defensive deployment to protect at least one wing.

Unfortunately my plan would prove to be wrong.


Looking at enemy deployment after a couple of turns I switched the pip order giving the higher dice to my left wing. The opponent replying switching the pip as well.

What I tried was to send wide my KnS, that were shadowed by enemy (a bit like in the movie Alexander). In such a way I wanted to expose the IBwI protecting thei inner flank and attack there with my PsS, supported by a couple of BwS. If th attack would be successful, I could then engage enemy KnS with a flank open to me


The attack started well, because my PsS were able to kill the first line of enemy BwI. Both the armies sent some KnS detachment to support the fight, and the French rebels were able too to fuel in the combat reinforcements


In the end my attack was repulsed and any breakthrough done sealed by enemy reinforcements. I was not able to force the attack on the other wing because of my wrong deployment that left me without skirmishers to cover the flank, so I did disengage the army to protect me from any counterattacks, that there were not, because my opponent was satisfied by scoring 13 points.


This is the plan I should have done, with C1 attacking by an outflank the lower pip dice enemy corps, C2 attacking the enemy CiC corps by front with Kn and through the side using the PsS. C3 task would have been to protect the KnS flank and eventually engage the Swiss.

So my bad, I lost a good opportunity.


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