This is another army I wanted for so long. I choosed to represent late Sassanids, the byzantine wars and Arab invasion period. The AB Sassanids are nice, but they are good just for the early period. Donnington miniatures by the way, are perfect for the decline and fall of this persian dinasty. To add more variety to the infantry I used some Miniature wars figures.

The figures are quite detailed. Donnington provided me an excellent service, because I didn't want the old horses, and they let me have the new remolded Skythians and Sarmatians horses, that I like a lot.

The army has been painted with the white undercoat and wash fast tecnique. I asked the painter to give a "campaign look" to the figures. Most of the horses are unbarded.

The result is good imho for a wargame standard.


The generals. The element on the right is Miniature wars, the others Donnington


Donnington remolded some time ago the elephants. In my first game I used all six of them with mixed results


The army main force, asarwan CvS. I went mostly for bow armed miniatures, with a few holding a sword.


Javelinmen AxS.


Skirmishers, bow and sling armed. All the support troops are useful because they are the only troops that manouver well. Heavy cavalry and elephants are unwieldly


Light horses


The levy peasent nfantry.