Chichimec vs Sassanid

This is my first game with Chichimec, a brand new army that I started collecting at 100AP for Apocalipto tournament, and then expanded up to 400AP. The army is nicknamed by a friend of mine as "Red ants" because is very large and is reddish in tone, as chichimec painted their hair red. For me is a new experience use such big and low quality horde and in this battle I faced a Sassanid army. Both were training for a thrid period tournament.


As attacker I put down some difficult going to protect my flanks, but the battlefield was not very good for me, so I deployed angled to cover the left flank. The WbF corps, on no use versus such an enemy, was deployed in second line behind the archer protection. The Sassanid enjoyed the uphill advantage from a large gentle hill in the center, and this made a frontal attack very tricky for me


The hunnic ally was unreliable, so the sassanid could not pin me back. Slowly the chichimec advanced in an echelon. The Sassanid redeployed their KnX reserve in the center


Sassanid small corps protecting the right had very low pips in the first turns, so the Chichimec sallied out of the marsh to surround the enemy


Chichimec started to shoot on single enemy elements at angled position, and after this nuisance made some casualties, the sassanids organized two charges. The Kn X were disorganized by the sustained barrage and never closed on the archers, while in the center the asavaran were able to arrive to contact, but the charge failed miserably


In the meantime the sassanid reserves had parried the ouflank threat and started killing enemy elements. The hunnic ally would be activated soon


Chichimec then advanced shooting against the nomads, that retaliated charging.


The sassanid army withdrew out of shooting range


The only offensive action from the Sassanid was now the hunnic attack. On the second charge they destroyed the first line of chichimec. The situation was grim for the dog peoples


However, Conquistadores report about the fierceness of the chichimec tribes must be true. In a bound the tribesmen destroyed the hunnic corps, reversing the game balance. We had played more than three hours and decided to call the training game, because we had seen enough. The battle ended 15-10 for the Chichimec.

Playing with this kind of armies is a very different experience for me. Initially I was quite disappointed by the slow pace and impossibility to force the attack in a given point. It is also true that low quality armies can take a lot of punishment and still fight. I would reccomend an army like that to beginners. The plan to use them is easy and the stay in the fight longer than combined arms armies