Game 1 vs Islamic Persian - Mamma Li Turchi 1/2011

The first game I faced an early islamic persian, with regular corps and RCvS. I defended, and tried to set up a terrain to hamper the enemy mounted superiority


The picture is taken after the first two turns. I had two rough where most of my infantry deployed, with the cavalry quite back with flanks protected. My oppponent first pip were pretty good and he started to manouver to concentrate two corps in the valley and a support one on the far right. He planned to ignore my low quality infantry corps on the left.



I reacted to his moves. For most of the game he had the iniztive, while I was on the defensive. Persian CvS was in the center, aiming at my mounted, while CvO prepared to attack my Bw.


I manouvered my bowmen on flanks, to let the CvO near the measuring stick to come forward. This was a risk, because I wanted to miss one shooting round to entice enemy forward.


Persians on the attack. I made a sideshow with psiloi far to the left.


The shooting did no damage.


The enemy charged and was able to take down my first line of archers. The Persian decided to stop the attack in the center to focus on the right.


Again my shooting was not effective.


With the leftermost bowmen formation down, the Persians advanced en masse to overwhelm me.


The persian attack on the rough failed, and the combat settled down with a 13-12 for my opponent.


We played slowly due my calls to other tables to reply to rule questions, and this not helped my opponent. He is a newcomer and played quite well. He was happy with that score for his first tournament DBMM game.

I did nothing except to react to enemy initiatives, and this is something I'm not really proud of, but even so the game had some exciting moment: the combats were quick and bloody and much more decisive than a normal 400AP game.