ITC 2012 pictures part 5


Fabio Terpin Hittite deployed and ready for the battle


Arnim Lueck Ugaritic army deployed a large number of well painted chariots


Dave Mather with Andalusian versus Thomas Kimmerle using Nikephorian Byzantines


Patrician Romans civil war: Diego Zullich trying to turn around the flank of Stefano Grombi army


Enzo Megale Sassanids push Marco Guarnieri Alexander Imperial army


Mike Pickering Marian Romans strong defensive position versus Neil Fox Thracians


Niccolò Terpin using late Swiss facing Herbert Wong Low Country army


Ian Austin manouvering his assyrian troops


Stefano Rosin Egyptians under attack from Alberto Marini early Lybians


Mike Pickering marian Romans engaging David Houston Macedonians


Neil Fox Thracians use terrain to avoid being overrun by Sassanids


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