My games in Milan by Emilio Antichi

I attended the tournament in Milano with a Milanese Condotta bolstered by a Swiss ally. These are some pictures of my games


Game one  Antichi - Richards with Early Russian. I lost 10/15. My little army in front to the cavalry.
I decide to place my army between two SH. Bound after bound we slowly manouvered and engaged our troops but at the end of the game there was no a clear winner.

Game two Antichi - Miguez with Mongol. I won 14/11 Again I faced a big cavalry army. I  took advantage from terrain and deployed in a good defensive position to avoid being outflanked and play a game of attrition with the Mongols.


Game three  Antichi - Pizzocri Javanese I lost 2/23
Pizzocri place a SH in the centre of the table (good for El). I placed in wrong way the CinC command because it was too close to enemy. Furthermore I had the Swiss ally unreliable and this forced me to expend 3 pip to activate it for many bounds. The Javanese attacked hard with Elephants, keeping the WbS in reserve. The nellys crushed everything they met.


Game four Antichi - Tonini Ottoman 13/12 The last round was a relaxed and friendly game against a very good player. Again I faced a larger cavalry army and used the terrain to protect my flanks.

I think in these four games I did some mistakes in the placement of terrain features. Also my deployment was sometimes flawed, because I didn't trained enough with the army. As a final note, the army list was not well balanced and the four games were quite useful to elaborate a new improved version of the army list.
At games end I remembered Appio Claudio Ceco motto "unisque faber fortunae sue": in my case it can be translated as "everybody makes his own doom".
Thank very much to all organisation and players.