DBMM Gadgets

In this page you can see some pictures showing common or unusual gadgets that are used by DBMM players

Custom dice

Measuring sticks.

To move troops or measure distances, sticks are easier to use than tapes. Most players makes their own, but there are also some sticks and gauges commercially avalaible

Three kind of measuring sticks. The first one, on left, is handmade in hard plastified card by a member of the Genoa Club "I Zeneixi", and one is given each year to all players attending their tournament at Recco.

The second one, in the middle, is made by S&A scenics in solid plastic and is sold at 1.50

The third one, on the right, is a Litko product in fluorescent transparent plastic and is sold at $ 10.99


Electronic dice

Everyone of us has listened counteless stories about good dice, evil dice, incredible lucky roll sequences and tales like that.

I have found on the web this electronic die, that is activated tossing it on an hard surface, and randomly generates a result between 1 and 6 on the side with lighted dots.

Weirdly enough it has been very badly received in my club. Some players want the tactical feeling with the plastic cube, others don't trust electronic. One clubmate accused me to have a zapper in a pocket to control the results!!!!

Most of them have their lucky or charmed dice and don't want to use this stuff.

By the way I think this item is very nice and could be useful.