Game 3 vs Chinese Spring and Autumn. Bassano 10/2011

The third round I played versus a Wu army. A shock army with supported Pkf and Kn chariots. My plan was to try to set up difficult and rough going to break enemy lines and threat the flanks, that would be held just by psiloi.


I defended, and the terrains were quite good. The rough going in the center channelled the enemy chariots and the difficult going on the flanks could be hold and exploited to outflank.


The Wu plan was simple and dangerous for me. He attacked with his two largest corps, 24ME each, with IPkF aimed at IBwO. These tropps had no penalty from the rough going. On their flank, there were many regular chariots including 4 KnS, two of them generals. Wu aimed to smash my center staying as far as possible from the bad going on the flanks.


My possession of terrains on the flanks forced the Wu to echelon, and to use both the allied corps just to protect the center. I started to shoot the enemy mass, but the arrow fire was weak.


I was ale to kill just two PkF after three arrows volley. The Pk F steadily advanced and I sent in my BdF. These troops behaved very well and started to weaken the enemy line, protecting part of the Nubians. The skirmishers too were used to break the enemy phalanx. The chariots didn't engage.


A close up of the melee in the center after my first charge.


The Wu manouvered the allied IKnO chariots to act as reserve, while the troops in the center coordinated the impact. The slow chariot advance let me fire salvo after salvo, and this caused two kills, including one RKnS. When the chariots reached the charge distance, I withdrew the regula egyptian and sallied from the BuA. 


Nubians were charged by chinese infantry, while the BdF held well the line gaining the upper hand in the close combat. Wu chariots on the right were in a dangerous position, under fire and with enemy on flanks should they charge home.

Time was called after this bound. The chinese PkF corps was disheartened and half element away from routing. 14-11 to Egyptians.

The game was very tactical, because Wu attacked trying to avoid any risk, while my defensive attitude didn't let me engage enough enemy troops to break the enemy army. I just counterattacked and tried to shoot as long as possible. This game proved that a tactic based on shooting is not enough to win a game. Infact, most of the casualties I did were the result of the BdF combat.

I finished the game tired. The pressure playing this army is high, because no mistakes are allowed and combats are often deadly.


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