II / 61 Hsien Pi

Hsien Pi with Ch'iang subject troops


C1- CiC IKnX, 6 IKnX, 12 ILhF - 30ME

C2- SG ILhF, 18 ILhF, 6 ICvO - 30ME

C3- SG ILhF, 18 ILhF, 12 IPsO - 30ME

C4- 6 IBgF - 6ME

Stratagems: Feigned Flight, Scouting

This is a typical steppe army: massed Lh must skirmish, harass, outflank and exploit any gap in the enemy line to disorder the opponent. Once the enemy reserves are used, the line is outflanked and disordered, send in the heavy cavalry.


B) Mu Jung Hsien Pi

C1- CiC IKnX, 7 IKnX, 10 ILhF - 30ME

C2 - SG IKnX, 7 IKnX, 10 ILhF - 30ME

C3- SG ILhF, 7 DBE ICvS/CvI, 4 ILhF - 24ME

C4- 6 IBgF - 6ME