I like a lot Central Asia history, and the VII-IX A.D. period is extremely interesting. The clash between Tibetans, Arabs, Chinese, Sogdians and Turks to control the Tarim Basin has seen the Turgesh as protagonist. Back in the days, when I saw the Outpost range, I immediately started collecting the figures. Now there are more manufacturers that offer equally gorgeous miniatures, like Khurasan miniatures. By the way Outpost are still extremely good.

Turks have the advantage that can be used for a wide variety of armies, and if the player owns some chinese, even more. The combo Turks-T'ang let you play more than 20 armies.

This army has been designed to be used, morphing apart, as Turgesh and Uighur.


The generals. They can be used both as Cv and Lh, so I have more than the usual 3. The wolf banner is awesome, but very fragile, so I don't reccomend it to players treating roughly their figures. I had to glue it back in place already three times.


This is the heavy cavalry on barded horse. The elements on the left have western armour, while the right ones are more heavily armoured in eastern style.


This is more heavy cavalry on unbarded horses. When needed I use them as CvO to differentiate from CvS


The mainstay of every steppe army, the horse archers.


Foot spearmen, the useful supported ISpI for Uigurs. I use them as HdO too.


Foot archers in BwI version.


Foot skirmishers


Army painted by M.B.