Wallachians vs Later Hungarians


I'm fond of Medieval balkans history, so I couldn't restrain myself from using Vlad Tepes' army. I organized my army around three blanced corps, each one with 8 ILhS.

The sub generals had 8 IBwO each too, while the brilliant CiC had 2 ICvO and 4RKnO. Some PsO were added to each corps to reach 24ME. I choosed three stratagem, feigned flight, ambush and flank attack (army list).

I defended and the terrain was that

Wallachians were on the left. Hungarian picked a streamlike river, difficult for the mounted. There were 2 rough hills, two small rocky field and a wood.

The terrain severely restricted cavalry action, so I decided to deploy all the army on the left flank marching a sub general corps. The rough hill let me set an ambush with the 8 IBwO from the sub general on the table. I expected a frontal attack.


The weather was strong wind blowing from my left.

To my surprise, the hungarian deployed first with a Szekelers corps facing the river, an infantry corps in the center and the right wing with massed Kn and Lh on my left.

My army can be seen in the foreground, with LhS behind the RH and between that and the river, and KnO and CvO in reserve column behind the skirmishers screen.


On turn 1 the Hungarians started to redeploy the szekelers to the opposite wing, advancing forward their line. In my turn I had low pips, so I advanced the PsO from the RgO hoping to make enemy Kn charge, pursuit and advance in shooting range from the hidden Bw.


The Hungarians, guessing the flank march, started a complex manouver to redeploy their exposed RKnO.


In my second round I advanced the reserves. I wanted to charge the enemy line with my Kn. I rolled 5 with the marching corps pip dice announcing a short hook on the right.


Hungarians prepared to receive the march. They ignored the PsO bait


I entered ready to swarm the enemy flank. I took some risk splitting the ILhS in two groups.


Hungarian kept manouvering adjusting his defensive formation, waiting for his Lh horde 


I manouvered to put all the troops in position to launch my attack. This gave the enemy time to prepare, but I thought to be in a better tactical position.


In his turn the Hungarian made a mistake. He didn't keep pip to halt the szekelers that went impetous toward the RH.


Finally I was ready. I wanted to pepper the RKnO before to attack with LhS. The Szekeler charged uphill but there were no losses. The Hungarian then triggered a feigned flight with that corps


I had few pips with my flank marching corps, so the IBwo and the PsO can be seen in the foreground leaving the defensive position and advancing impetous and disordered in the plain. The position of advantage was lost. I charged my KnO in the enemy infantry. Combat was good, for I killed the overlapped Ps and the three supported BdO, creating a huge gap in the hungarian line.


After combat can be seen how critical is the situation of hungarian center. No reserves close by. In his turn the Hungarian killed my pursuing psO and charged all out on the disordered Bw. A wild melee started there


Wallachians exploted the gap charging the ArtI, while the Bw are hard pressed by szekelers in the foreground


The Hungarian rolled low pips for some turns, and this helped me a lot. The szekelers keep charging, the Lh combat on the RH is bloody.


The Wallachian LhS charge from all sides and the hungarian Kn corps crumble


The Hungarian CiC and Szekeler corps broke and the army fled.


The game was interesting. The Hungarian made a mistake in using a deep river to restrict the battle area and deploying in a unuseful position the szekelers. This made him waste lot of pips to redeploy.

I was not fully satisfied by the IlhS and IBwO coordination. IBwO needs a lot of time to be effective, while ILhS can attack very fast. My attack was quite slow. Probably It would have been better to not engage the BwO in ambush and carry on an all out attack with the light horses, expecially because I was lucky enough to pierce immediately the enemy line with my KnO.

The enemy feigned flight was well executed, and I found myself in a very weak position. The manouver was not succesfull for the Hungarian had too few troops to charge me and fuel the combat. He had all his reserves out of the way, as can be seen in the above picture, because he rolled horrible pips.