Game 2 vs Later Hungarian- Mamma Li Turchi 1/2011

Second game, against an opponent that could prove dangerous. Hungarans had a center of good infantry supported by a War Wagon, and a large LhS szekeler wing.


I defended again and the battlefield had many patches of difficult hills. This time I deployed second, so could target the enemy LhS wing with my heavier mounted. I had the option to night attack but I declined, because I didn't want the game to be slowed down.


The enemy approach tried to provide a flank protction to Szelkelers, while taking the uphill advantage on the far left.


I attacked on the right. My plan was simple, destroy the wing and roll the center


The Szekeler, under pressure, charged and made many holes in my line


My Cv counterattack did not much. In the center I had a bit of success more killing on Bd by shooting and disrupting the opponent advance.


The Szekelers again proved tough fighters, and disheartened my CiC corps. On the left the enemy skirmishers, a mix of S and O, attacked unsuccesfully my light troops


My CiC corps broke, si I decided to risk a LhF charge on enemy knights, while I counterattacked with light troops on the left.

My lone varangian sted the enemy infantry tide.


The LhF attack failed, and the hungarian CiC charged a Byzantine general. It was the match ball. I survived


Another desperate charge by me, that went close to dishearten the szekeler and kill the enemy CiC. Unfrtunately the combats were not good. The hero of the day was the varangian that killed the enemy BdO and Ps facing him.

Luckily for me the time was over and I lost just 10-15. One more bound and I would have risked to break.


My opponent played well and deserved to win. The combat rolls were quite bad for my CiC corps but when CvO is charged by LhS with some overlaps this can happen.

I liked a lot this game because was hard fough all over the line and also my AxI had their share of fighting.