How to attack a difficult going

Difficult going are often used to protect a flank. If well garrisoned, they are very difficult to take and the attackers, even if succesful, needs time and resources that will miss somewhere else on the table.

If a player want to commit his army in such an assault, it is better that he will be succesfull.

Here I will show some tactics: the premise is to have an army suited to this kind of attacks. If the opponent has more and better terrain troops, just some serious mistakes of him can let you prevail in this kind of operations.

In the following samples, the dark green patch is the difficult going. Note how enemy is always pinned to avoid reaction manouvers


A) Attack from front and side

This is a classical and very effective manouver. It is done marching a column 400 paces away from the target, opening and going for the flank. The attack on side and rear will be succesful even if the attacker has troops of lesser quality.


b) Short hook

The attack from front and side has the downside that needs several turns to develop. The short hook is faster and needs less troops.

To execute it a small column should go in overlap position

From the position above, the first element infiltrates behind the enemy line, whil  the second close the enemy flank to start killing opponents.


C) Infiltration

If the enemy garrison almost all the edges, the position can be taken if there is a gap to be used to outflank the enemy line. The goal is always put an element behind opponents.


D) Screwdriver

If there is no way to infiltrate, then an assault must be done, concentrating the best troops to attack the corner in the enemy line


E) Feigned Flight

This tactic is very useful when opponent is much stronger than you. Attack with Ps (S if possible) the enemy, and keep in reserve troops from another corps, mounted with more ps behind them.

Attack then activate feigned flight. Ps will flee but the reserve will stay put waiting for pursuers. If opponent pips are low, he will leave the difficult going protection, to fight in good going the cavalry. Once destroyed or once a gap is made, the reserve psiloi will penetrate the enemy position.


F) The secret path

In this case the attacker uses the Guides stratagem to pass through the difficult going. The marching cavalry must position so that the following turn can move just straight ahead and use the marked road. Enemy doesn't block the march for it has the rear corners nearer to enemy than the frontal ones.

This tactic can be used also if the two groups are from different corps, for the marching troops are unaware of enemy position. In such a case better use regular Ax or BdF.