Medieval Islamic

This army is made using Khurasan, Outpost and Old Glory miniatures. The arab ranges mix quite well together and provide plenty of pose variations.

I use these figures to play Ummayad, Abbasid, Dynastic Bedouin, Dailami and Khurasanian armies


The army generals. The last three horsemen on the right are from Donnington, mounted on OG horses


Bedouin light horses, th mainstay of Dynastic Bedouin



These two elephants are from Khurasan and really huge! Samanid, Dailami and Saffarid armies always welcome them


I use this armoured cavalry with melee weapons also as Kurds


Camel Scout


These spearmen from Khurasan are cute


Medium cavalry frm Outpost, they are fielded as CvO or I


Junior Ghulams from Khurasan, they are used also as Abbasaya or Khurasan heavy horse archers


Dailami from Khurasan. The range has 12 different poses


More Dailami


Dailami archers