II / 67 Ostrogoths

A) Ostrogoths

C1- CiC IKnF, 5 IKnF, 8 ILhS, 6 IPsO - 27ME

C2- SG IKnF, 10 IKnF, 8 IPsO - 30ME

C3- SG IKnF, 10 IKnF, 8 IPsO - 30ME

C$ 6 IBgI

Stratagem (20AP): Ambush, Feigned Flight

This is an army not simple to use because needs good planning and excellent timing to execute attacks and feigned flights.

Ambush is useful to deploy some Kn in outer sectors. LhS can be used to outflank, or attack and FF to lure opponent disordered in face of a fresh KnF formation.


B) Sciri

C1- CiC IKnF, 10 IKnF, 8 IPsO - 30ME

C2- SG IKnF, 7 IKnF, 8 IPsO - 24ME

C3- SG IKnF, 4 IKnF - 12 ME

C4- Hun Ally Gen ILhS, 12 ILhS, 2 IBgF - 18 ME

C5- 4 IBgF

Stratagem (25 AP): Feigned Flight, Ambush, Exagerated army size

This army need a well thought plan, for it is fast and fragile and need open terrain. Ambush is excellent to position troops in normally interticted sectors, while Exagerated army size should confuse opponent. C3 can be retarted to have a reserve and let opponent guess about a march.

Speed should be used to force the attack in one sector, and not let opponent the time to prepare. Huns are excellent at this, even more if supported by a Kn corps