Dailami vs Arab Conquest

I have always played Dailami with a regular command structure. This time I organized the army on a tribal basis, with irregular infantry and large corps.

The army list used is: C1- CiC IAxS, 8 RCvS, 6 ILhO, 2 IPsO, 1 IElO - 30ME and two identical wings made by SG IAxS, 16 IAxS, 8 IPsO, 4 RCvO - 30ME. The army is quite simple to use, with two big infantry formation that can sweep through any terrain supported by some cavalry, and a large mounted corps that can attack in an open sector. The IElO is lead from a reserve position by the CiC.

I attacked and this was the battlefield

I lost some terrain, because I could not set up my rocky hills. Neverless the battlefield was quite good. Expecting masses of arab infantry, and with a table cluttered by features, I decided to deploy my cavalry in the center and use the dailami foot on both wings where there was some bad going.

I deployed first and at the game start I realized that my left wing was facing no enemy. The risk was to fight three enemy corps with just two. I had to redress my formations


Luckily the first turn pips were good, and dailami formed columns to bring to the right the axis of advance of the army


The Dailami left wing had excellent pips in the firts part of the battle, and this let that corps to advance quickly through the dunes to threaten the infantry near them


Arabs didn't stand idle, and immediately advanced along all the front to close and interdict dailami marches. The came quickly and dailami senior ghulams charged them.

I knew that Cv versus blades is a long combat, but this was good. I needed time to outflank the enemy left through the large dune feature to the left and through the difficult hill on the right


High pips on the left let Dailami advance and engage enemy skirmishers


The fighting in the center raged on, while the infantry lines near the dunes where waiting to see what would have happened on the flanks, no one daring to charge.


Thanks to bad arab pips, an opportunity appeared on the right wing, where dailami were able to close on enemy flank


The flank attack on the right failed badly, costing several dailami. The fighting in the dunes saw the dailami quickly despatch the arab javelinmen. The problem there was now just have enough pips to attack the exposed enemy center


In the meantime, several turns of combat in the center had as result a gap in the arab lines. The arab central corps was suffering several casualties.


The battle reached the climax and the combat was now joined along all the line.


Dailami were gaining the upper hand. Arab center was disordered


When a large gap was opened between the two infantry arab commands, the battle was decided.


The arab infantry was routed by the ghulams


Soon after all the arab army was on the run. A Dailami victory.


The key in this game was the inability of the arab to bring in combat the cavalry corps. It was a battle between three dailami corps versus two arab ones. The arab army was too rigid to cope with unfavourable terrains and could not be fully deployed