Marian Romans

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I think almost every player I know has a Roman army. For me, true roman legionaries are those from late republican armies. This army is made mostly with Corvus Belli miniatures. I have used Warmodelling figures to complete it, for Corvus Belli has not Commands and Reg Ax for Marian Romans.


This is the first legion, in roman red. Legionaries are the bulk of this army. I always try to field 24 of them, for I want to win or lose with my heavy infantry. 


Second legion, dressed in white but not less warlike than first.


Third legion, with dark equipment because is trained for night attacks.


The generals, RCvO. They usually don't lead up front, for I need them to control the troops.


RAxS from Warmodelling


Spanish IAxS. They are cheap and effective. Shame they are few.


The single El I is an important asset in this army. I use it as a reserve ready to deal with enemy knights should they burst through my legions. Its mere presence scare every enemy Kn general to lead a charge.


Numidian ILhO are cheap and useful troops, massed on a wing or used in small groups as reserve.


Gallic and Spanish CvO. The mounted arm is not very strong, but Romans rely more on foot than on cavalry. I Use them to support the infantry.


Javelinmen IPsS. Another useful asset. They support CvO or Bd and can deal with dangerous enemy as Expendables and Elephants. Useful also to attack difficult going and enemy lesser Ps.


Slingers PsO. I usually deploy them beside the legions.


The mobile train, RBgF.


Army painted by Laurent Groscolas