Justinian wars pictures part 2

These are some pictures showing the battles and miniatures used


The pre islamic Arabs defend a city from the marauding early Byzantine


Alans trying to force a decision with a charge against an italian ostrogoth army set up in a defensive position


Sassanids facing early Bulgars


Central asian Turks versus early Bulgar: the battle to decide who will be the steppe Khan


Avars (top) versus Alans


The Gepid army (right) deploys the knight behind a foot screen to fight the Sassanids


The Vandals dominate the battlefield from the uphill position. The middle Frankish infantry is ready to receive a fearful charge


African Vandals launching an all out attack to take by surpise and still undeployed the italian Ostrogoths


Avar tries to force a victory using its heavier cavalry versus early Bulgar


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