II / 11 Gallic


C1- CiC ILChCvO, 12 ICvO, 2 ICvI, 6 IPsO, 2 IPsI - 24ME

C2- SG IWbO, 24 IWbO - 18ME

C3- SG ILChCvO, 4 ILChCvO, 18 IWbO, 4 IPsI, 3 ICvI - 24ME

C4- Allied Ligurian general IAxS, 11 IAxS, 2 IPsI, 2 IBgI - 18ME

C5- 6 IBgI - 6ME

Stratagems (15AP): Ambush, Concealed Command

Low aggressivity should help with terrains and to hid some troops. Attacker deployment would be a bit more tricky.

C3 has some troops to cover a flank, but still would help support from C1 or C4 if heavily engaged. C2 should go in the center.

Use ambushes and CC to let the opponent react and give you the initiative. Make pressure all over the enemy front  to attack his pip structure.


B) Gael Richards version, 14th place in Milan 11/2010

C1- CiC ILChO, 15 ICvI - 21M"

C2- SG IWbO, 20 IWbO, 6 IPsO, 7 ILChO - 26ME

C2- SG IWbO, 20 IWbO, 6 IPsI, 7 ILChO - 26ME

C4- Ligurian Ally general IAxS, 11 IAxS, 2 IPsI - 16ME