Chalons 451 AD

This scenario is made to let 6 players fight and complete the battle in one evening session. This is the order of battle:

Romans (108 ME)

Romans 36ME

Aetius, CiC RCvO brilliant

4 RBdO with 4 RPsO supporting

4 RAxS with 4 RPsO supporting

8 franks IBdI

2 RKnF

2 RCvO

2 RLhO

2 RBgO


Alans 36 ME

Sangiban AG ILhS

5 IKnF

22 ILhS







Visigothic 36ME

Teodorico AG IKnF

3 IKnF

12 ICvO

12 IBwI

12 IWbO

2 IBgI




Huns (113 ME)

Huns 30ME

Attila CiC ILhS brilliant

18 ILhS

12 IWbO

2 IBgO



Gepid 39ME

Ardaric AG IKnF

8 IKnF

18 IWbO

12 IBwI

4 IPsO

2 IBgI



Ostrogothic 44ME

Valamir AG IKnF

16 IKnF

12 IBwI

2 IBgI




I suggest to have all allied corps automatically reliable in this scenario. If you want a very bloody battle, as reported by Jordanes, you could raise the BP of each corps to 50% instead of the usual 33%. Another feature that can be interesting in  team game, is to not allow players to speak each other except if their commander element is in contact.

The battlefield is 180cm by 120cm, with just single relevant feature, a large gentle hill set up in front of the roman sector, with the ridge just 120 paces in front of the roman lines.

Each contingent has a 60 cm wide area to deploy. There are no limitations to deploy troops in the side areas. Romans set up first and move first.