Huns vs Middle Imperial Roman

I tried a revised version of Uldin's army, organized in this way:

C1- CiC ILhS, 18 ILhS - 24ME

C2- SG ILhS, 18 ILhS - 24ME

C3- SG ILhS, 9 ILhS - 15ME

C4- Sciri AG IKnF, 4 IKnF - 12ME

C5- 6 IBgF - 6ME

Stratagems: Feigned flight and delayed battle

I wanted to counter enemy tactic to use terrain to cover the flanks with an easier flank march. In this game against a middle imperial roman army, I defended, so the delaying start stratagem was wasted. But it was very good to fight in a bare table


The Roman tried to protect a flank with a river difficult for mounted, but from the start his situation was difficult. The table was perfect for my army.


Hunnic plan was simple. Outflank the enemy, force the Romans to overstretch and hit n the center with the Sciri. From the start the Romans had few reserves on the left


Roman RAxO left the exposed position to manouver inside the gap created on the hunnic right by the outflank manouver. The infantry pushed forward to put RArtF in shooting range.


Huns were aggressive and charged enemy RKnF to trigger a feigned flight. The rest of the Hunnic army advanced to charge the following turn, except the right corps that withdrew facing a big supported infantry corps


The feigned flight weakened the roman line


The Huns charged a second time and disheartened the roman cavalry due the killing of RKnF. The Sciri pierced the roman line in several spots. The situation was grim


On the third charge the roman cavalry wing collapsed and the ME transmission broke the roman center too. 23-2 for Huns.


A quick and dramatic battle for the Romans. The battlefield was terrible for them and in such condition it would be better to box resting a flank on the river bank and the other on the table edge, using the infantry as a shield and the cavalry as reserve. The roman lines were to thin and exposed to survive.