IV / 73 Ming Chinese

C1- Inert CiC RCvS, 8 ICvI, 10 IBwO, 12 IAxO - 30ME

C2- SG RCvS, 3 RCvS, 12 RLhS, 2 RMtdShI, 4 IPsS - 28ME

C3- SG RCvS, 16 IBdI, 4 RShI, 2 RArtO, 4 RArtI, 4TF - 32ME

C4- 6 IBgI

This army rely on numbers to win. C1 corps is the defensive wing and need terrain to fight with any success hope. C2 is the attack wing and should use the higher pip dice to manouver and eventually outflank the enemy. C3 must well set up the TF and the artillery, because will often be the target of enemy attacks. It is big enough to survive a prolonged struggle, but need to be supported .