Palaiologan Byzantine vs Islamic Persians - DBMM200

Palaiologan are a decent army, more solid than it appears thanks to the many 1/2ME elements used. Still having few superior troops it suffers when the enemy can focus on a limited sector and use better quality.

The persians CvS and LhS would prove a tough enemy.


As attacker, I set up 2 small RH, and both fell on my side of the table. The persian choosed just GH looking for a table as much open as possible. I deployed first, and used the hills to protect my hills, having no clue about where the enemy would conentrate.

After looking at enemy dispositive, I decided to try to take and use the big GH to gain a tactical advantage. The enemy left wing was made by ICvS, so I hoped to be able to be faster and outmanouver him.


My opening move.


Persians reacted sending a CvO column to bolster the flank under pressure


 So far so good. I had two corps against one


The enemy was quick to react and som CvO protected the exposed flanks of the enemy ICvS line.


My RBwI advanced and started shooting a couple of enemy ICvS. My poor quality light infantry sallied en masse to menace the flank of persian RBwO and stop them.


The persian player didn't want to stand still under flank fire, and charged me. My plan worked, I had the uphill advantage, but the opponent was of better quality.

Persian RBwO manouvered to keep pressure on my bowmen and protect the flank.


I started taking losses on the hill, and sent in my RKnO reserve, but the first charge was unsuccessful


The enemy was very aggressive, and casualties mounted. RBwI were a thorn in enemy side, killing more elements


My second uphill countecharge with KnO engaged was again unsuccessful. Persia RBwO manouvered in an excellent position and started causing me losses


My Cv corps on the hill was on verge of being disheartened.


After much back and forth, an opportunity showed: a KnO charged an enemy general, the one commanding the CvO corps. Murphy's law immediately was applied: Persian won 6 combat out of 7. Of course the only one to be lost was the commander one, and his demise broke his corps


My Cv corps was dishertened, and the Bw command too was in danger. Enemy too was in danger, I needed just 2ME to break it. A close match.


The Persians broke finally my Cv corps and ME transimission broke thy byzantine army. On the hill a persian CvS was 1-6 by a disheartened CvO: the persian were on the run too!!! Mutual destruction of both armies and 12-13 score.

A nice game, fast and bloody, with clumsy persian ICvS well supported by CvO and very effective once in combat.


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