Sea People vs Vedic Indian

Sea People this time face a dreaded enemy, Vedic Indian. The indian combination of archers, chariots and elephant superior is nasty .


Sea people attack and unconventionally look for an open ground to force indian to expose the archers. The indian set up some difficult feature to protect the flanks, and deploys in an unbalanced way. One corps is facing the left marsh, while the CiC is holding more than 50% of the battle line. Sea people deploy to put out of combat the indian left wing, and fight with four corps against just two indian commands. Indian CiC corps risk to be in dire straits from the very start of the game.


Sea people left wing is slow to advance to force the indian elephants to advance with exposed flanks and no support from the leftermost archers. The other corps advance to engage indian CiC command


Sea people swiss fashion attack.


Indian attacks with chariots to protect the archers. The chariotry from the left corps move to the center to act as reserve. Sea people behave aggressively to not let vedics the time to parry the attack


Elephants are in charge reach and sea people skirmishers are sent ahead to screen and gain time to win elsewhere


The indian CiC command is attacked along all the front and has few reserves to plug the gaps. Indian archers are unable to stop sea people infantry and are hacked.


With the right wing crumbling, Vedics sent in the behemots to smithe sea people left corps


The combined action from three corps finally breaks the vedic resistance on the right wing.


It's not a good day for Vedic Indians, the Great Mother Goddess has protected well her sea army! In just one sea people combat round, two elephants and a chariot are destroyed and the indian army breaks: 25-0.

The indian mistake in the deployment stage remarked how is difficult to correct or manouver large sections of a clumsy army under enemy pressure. A lot of care is needed when planning.