Anzio Battle - Summer 70AD - The end of the civil war

Trebellus was the last man standing with the Emperor. He decided to rebel, confident that his british legions would prove better than the imperial forces.

Fate would prove him wrong, because his troops would fight well just if well led, and in Anzio was not the case.

It seems that Trebellus that night before the battle was haunted by nightmares, dreaming of Medusa holding his severed head. A bad omen tha would prove true.

Vespasianu army, on the right, deployed with just two corps visible, both on hills. On the right some patch of difficult going. Trebellus adopted a classical three corps set up, with legionaries in the center and support troops on wings


On turn 2 Vespasianus cavalry, hidden in the difficult, came out outflanking the enemy line


Trebellus reacted, but his corps was now in a bad tactical position, being attacked by two sides


On the opposite wing, emperor forces slowly pulled back to gain time, facing a superior enemy


Vespasianus attack


At this point Trebellus panicked, and turned 180 all his troops, going back. The center corps, with the lowest pip dice, tried to support the flank under pressure, while the attacking wing simply withdrew.


Loyal troops exploit the gaps in enemy line


Reinforcements arrive, but the Trebellus wing is disheartened


Finally on the other wing Trebellus turn 180 again, attack, and immediately cause huge casualties to the enemy. Too little too late unfortunately.


The rebel CiC and the sub general are both killed, swarmed by enemies. Trebellus army, leaderless, broke and fled.


This was a weird battle, possibly the worst I have seen in the campaign. Both the players were nervous for it was the final showdown, and Trebellus battle behaviour was sub optimal, having he played previously some excellent games.

Vespasianus kept the throne and won the campaign.