Pictures from Recco 2011 tournament


Game between Burgundian Ordonnance and Later Muslim Indian. The LhS attack on the left will be stopped by the dismounted KnO, while the ElS corps will be initially more succesful. The Indian army, after a protracted struggle and a lot of attrition, did pull back to avoid defeat. 13-12 to Burgundians


Pre Feudal Scots flank march was ambushed by few CvO that were able to destroy the overwhelming enemy. With a scot wing broken the Russians were able to roll the enemy line. 25-0 Post Mongol Russian victory


Order of St. John attacked both enemy wings, using the raised tower with ArtS inside as a protection for his center held by infantry. The Swiss was under pressure all game long and near the end had a corps destroyed by the KnS charges. 15-10 for St. John


Tuareg flanks were protected by two large dunes, and the Siamese attack was channelled in the center. The mass of ICmS sallied out from the dunes to attack both siamese flanks held by infantry destroying them. 25-0 to Tuaregs


The Sung main attack was made by infantry towards the janissary and the fortified camp. Once a salient was created, the chinese attacked with the cavalry supported by BwX/O, but the serbian charge disheartened the Sung cavalry corps that started to flee back to avoid the rout. The battle was decided by the chinese infantry that broke two enemy corps and took the camp. 24-1 to Sung


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