Game 3 vs Southern Hsiung Nu - Torino 14th-15th April 2012

After two succesfull battles Hsien Pi successors were leading the pool, and I faced another steppe army, southern Hsiung Nu in a classical KnX, LhS and Ax outfit. Here is called "the irregular Patrician Roman".

The set up phase was quite good, with me being the defender and then setting up second.


My opponent deployed his army facing the gentle hill on the left, and then moved all his army away. He pretended to trying a wide outflanking manouver, because my position on GH was too strong. Whetever the case, it was a risky manouvers, because I sent my LhF to chase him immediately


To relieve the pressure and save his LhS corps, that was engaged, the Hsiung Nu sacrificed several AxO and PsO pickets to slow me.


This running game ended with a 14-11 for the Hsien Pi successors, when the Hsiung Nu baggage was sacked and enough losses were made. My opponent decided to not risk a frontal battle because of the hill, but ILhS vs ILhF and KnX on CvS could be a winning match up.


After the game some mocking followed. My opponent is here in "rabbit version", with the son of another player that assisted him rolling the dice


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