Knights Fast in wedge


Kn(F) wedges are fearsome beasts due to the inability to overlap them (except when
they are fighting LH, against whom they are no worse than unwedged Kn(F)), but
they can still overlap their opponents.

The only downside is that you don't quick-kill Cv, which can make you a bit more
vulnerable to Cv(S), but in the Seleucid army you usually have other troops who
should be taking on the enemy Cv (your Kn(X), unwedged Kn(F) or even Cv(O), or
alternatively 2-deep Pk will absorb them more or less indefinitely), while the
wedges focus on smashing the enemy infantry. Against Cv(O), the lack of
overlaps makes up for the (F) (but obviously you are paying 11AP vs 7 or 8AP for
the Cv(O), so this isn't the optimum use of the wedges).

The other downside with Kn(F) wedges is their depth. Sometimes the best way to
kill them is to let them charge a thin line of your troops and hope that some
elements pursue so far that their mates no longer cover their flanks, and then
you can hard flank the ones who fight too well for their own good! 1-deep Bw(I)
is good for this, because of the flee result for the wedges that don't succeed.
1-deep Bw(I) with LH(F) lurking behind is best of all, but any Kn(F)w-player who
lets himself charge that combo deserves what he gets... ;o)

Given an opponent with only "line" Kn(F) or one with wedged ones, I would almost
always prefer to face the "line" ones. At least then I generally expect to have
some decent counter-punching opportunities in my own bound.


Tim Child



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