Game 4 vs Patricians Romans, Milano 11/2010

The last game I was first in classment with 63 points. My opponent, using Patricians Romans, had 62. I attacked and the terrain fell in this way:


The picture is taken by Patrician side. All the features were difficult. My GH didn't fit. Another terrain fortress I thought. I knew my opponent made a Patrician with many LhS, with a 24ME hun ally, and he wasn't happy to meet more than double number of enemy LhS.

I could have marched to screw his deploymen, but he did manouvered better than me, and would the march failed to show, I would have been in danger.


This is my opponent deployment. I deployed on the opposite side, in open terrain, to exploit my superior numbers and the fact that I was above in classment and this would have forced the patrician to come to me. I started with a 13-12 that would have given me a better tournament position.

The metagame prevailed though. This is the second tournament out of five in the italian championship, and the Patrician players cared more of a good placement that to win the tournament. He declared that he would not have exposed his army and proposed a 12-13.

I accepted the present. Then we played the game with my army trying to force a passage in the enemy area


This is the attack I made, and in a mere frontal LhS fight I lost the battle.


This gave to my huns 76 points, and a shared first position with a guy using a Late Imperial Roman army.

The italian tournament rules about final classment with same score say that the top position goes to the winner of a direct fight and missing that, to the players having the higher classment position in the previous round. A nice win.

The Huns proved a tough army, with a full complement of up and downs.

They give you the initiative, benefit an aggressive play, are much more resilient that it seems, because of the spent results versus infantry and Kn. The problem is that against a determined and experienced player, it is extremely difficult to take advantage on the flanks, and the frontal combat versus mounted or infantry is a losing one on the long run.

The army is fun, but playing it can be tiring I discovered, because you need to focus a lot on tactic and manouver management, foreseeing the problems irregular C3 can give.


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