DBMM Armies on sale


This page is offered to people willing to sell their armies, to show the army pictures and the email to contact the seller.

Please do not contact me but write directly to the seller. I'm not part of the deal or guarantor of the informations reported when the army sold is not mine: any information in such a case is provided directly by the seller.


Serbian Empire

Polybian Roman

Post Mongol Samurai SOLD

Marian Roman SOLD

Middle Assyrian SOLD

Kushan SOLD

Early Imperial Roman

Croatian SOLD

Granada SOLD

West Sudanese

Viking SOLD

French Ordonnance

Medieval German

Late Romans


Tang Chinese SOLD

Hunnic lot

Dark Age mounted SOLD

Medieval Islamics SOLD

Alans SOLD

Arabs SOLD

Marian Roman SOLD

Dailami SOLD

Teutonic Order SOLD

Ancient Egyptians SOLD

Medieval English SOLD

Vikings SOLD

Sassanids   SOLD

Numidians SOLD

Carthaginians SOLD

Early Germans SOLD

Arabs SOLD

Skythian SOLD

Ottoman  SOLD

Nikephorian Byzantine  SOLD

Mongols   SOLD

Later Carthaginians SOLD