The Sword and the Cross pictures - Part 4

Pictures of the games

The dramatic moment in East Frankish vs Cypriot battle. The Franks feigned flight, and the Cypriot inert general rolled three 1s as pip. All the army went spontaneous to destruction.


Inert Crusader army is outflanked and rolled by more mobile Hungarians. The Templar charge broke one enemy corps, but this was not enough to gain the victory


The Sicilians defensive setting against the Muslim attack. The Tuareg, entering late from a flank march, were decisive trampling all enemies on the left flank. Awesome but not enough.


Later Crusaders resist the furious Ayyubuds attacks.


The Byzantine defensive tactic prevailed over the Armenian attacks in a bloody battle


For the first time the Pecheneg war wagon circus was smashed by frontal attacks by Bedouin ghulams and dailamis. Bedouin cavalry destroyed the nomad light horse too.