Dailami vs Medieval German

Dailami can be fielded in both regular and irregular version. I usually prefer to use RAxS because they move better in difficult going, and defend better when charged by knights. The irregular version is much more tough, being larger, and has a different game style, because should attack aalong all the battleline and wear down enemy.

In this game against a medieval german, I played an irregular list.

Being the attacker, I set up some rough features and was quite pleased with the battlefield. I had enough terrain to support the two mainly foot corps, and open going on a wing to use there the cavalry corps. Facing 15 RKnO the terrain helped me a lot.


My plan was very simple. Attack on the right wing, destroy the enemy and then attack from two directions the center. In the meantime the left wing should defend and avoid being outflanked by enemy light horses. I immediately sent my RCvO reserve around the right wood to engage and slow enemy skirmishers.


These are the confronting corps on the right wing. I had to exploit the advantage to win there quickly.


The Germans tried to charge dailami RCvS with their knights, while cavalry engaged the dreaded elephant


Best attack is defence, so Dailami put a lot of pressure on the left wing. German in the end decided to use the knight to bolster their skirmisher line


On the right wing  the corps were locked in a tough fight, as always is the CvS vs RKnO confrontation


Cavalry combat is usually a quick affair


Having failed the knights charge, the german corps was quickly broken


On the left wing the situation was more equilibrated. Nobody was able to outflank the enemy.


Having reached a decision on the right wing, now the centers activated and started to fight


The dailami attacked trying to turn the german flank


The german, realizing the danger on the right wing, tried to win the day on the left flank, charging the dailami shieldwall


Knights were successful on the right, but having no reserves were in a dangerous position


The german general alone stopped the RCvS from the right, disheartening the enemy in the process. This was not enough, because the german knights were attacked in the rear. Their demise broke the german center and the army. 22-3 for Dailami

An interesting game, in which the terrain greatly helped Dailami. German was not able to charge coordinately along the front, and this saved Dailami probably. Being irregular means have high ME count, but low pips hampered a lot dailami, that could not attack and manouver very well. This is an army that is difficult to use in an aggressive way.