Battle of Othee, 1408 AD

The bloody battle of Othée, the great military victory of John the Fearless, duke of Burgundy, was the direct consequence of the row between the bishop of Liège, John of Bavaria, and the rebellious citizens of Liège.

John of Bavaria tried every means possible to gain allies in his struggle against the Liégois.

Finally, in August 1408, John of Burgundy had his hands free to help his ally. Marching from Flanders, he joined up with the count of Namur, and together they entered the lands of Liège near Dinant.

When, on 22 September, the duke of Burgundy and his army approached Liège, Henri of Perwez commander of Liege army, abandoned the siege of Maastricht and immediately headed back to Liège, taking with him all the men at his disposal.

The two armies met near the small village of Othee, assuming both a defensive position. John of Burgundy took the initiative, attacking frontally the enemy and sending the Duke of Namur to outflank and attack in the rear the enemy army. The manouver was succesful and the burgundian victory complete.

The battle is scaled to be played using DBMM200 ruleset.

The battlefield, to be set on a 120 cm by 90 cm table


The army lists


C1- CiC IKnO (John the fearless), 10 IKnO - 24ME

C2- AG IKnO (John of Bavaria), 5 IKnO, 2 IHdO, 2 RBwO, 1 IBgO - 18ME

C3- SG IKnO (Duke of Namur), 2 RKnO, 4 RBwO, 2 RBwI - 15ME

C4- 2 IBgO - 2ME


C1- CiC RKnI (Henry of Perwez), 3 RArtI, 2 RKnI, 16 RPkO, 2 RBdX, 2 RBwO, 4RPsO, 4 IHdF, 8TF - 36ME

C2- SG RKnI (Herman of Salm), 8 RPkO, 2 RBwO - 15ME

C3- 2 IBgO - 2ME


The Burgundian have the stratagem "Delayed start". They can march just the Duke of namur corps

Liegois TF can be used just to protect the flank near the short table edge and / or the rear of the CiC corps. TF can be garrisoned at game start just by HdF.

The drainage ditch is a stream. Use minimal river width, counting as difficult going to mounted and rough going to foot.

All knights can dismount as BdS.

The battle will be fought in full daylight and with normal weather. Liegois set up first and move first.