Ottoman vs Teutonic Order

This time I tried the Ottoman army with the jannissary corps including a couple of warwagons to protect its flanks. I used also as many ICvS as possible to have a strike force against western knights that could inflict damage and eventually feign flight. The opponent used a Teutonic army in an all mounted version, with a large number of knights.


The battlefield was cut by a small river that forced us to split the armies. I looked for an open battlefield to take advantage of my faster cavalry.  I defended but deploying second could set up taking advantage of the small enemy corps on the left.


Ottomans charged immediately on the left wing. The goal was to destroy quickly the enemy wing and send the akinjis around the enemy flank to attack Teutonic across the river in the rear


The charge achieved little result, so the Ottomans feigned flight to avoit the RKnS retaliation


In the meantime, the two teutonic main corps advanced to engage and charge the ottoman infantry


The ottoman position was quite good, and the presence of the Qapukulu cavalry on the flank of the main teutonic attack was dangerous for the Order army


On the left Teutonic pressed forward to not give time to the turks to spring a second feigned flight. So the Ottoman charge was decisive now, because the CvS faced the deadly RKnS. This time Ottomans with hot dice broke the enemy pip dump corps


On the right the Teutonic keep advancing under shooting, to deliver a charge


Finally the RKnS charged the jannissary corps, that held its ground


The teutonic army with low pips disordered by the archers shooting now started to be charged in the flanks


The coordinated action of the azabs and sipahis proved deadly to the teutonic reserve corps, that had the lowest pip dice. In few bounds that corps broke routing the Teutonic army. 23-2 for the Turks