Elephants running amok in Recco - Second game


The second game I played versus L. Marchisio, a very experienced player usually taking no risks.I faced a Milanese Condotta with a Swiss ally. Also in this match I was the defender, so I tried to have a battlefield well suited to my army. I set up just a large 2FE gentle hill. while my opponent picked a combined 2FE of woods and rough. My plan was to fix the enemy front with two corps of mine while the LhS outflanked it.


My opponent deployment was weird, with the swiss pikes on a flank near a wood.


After the first turns my outflanking manouver was successful


The swiss two sided deployment created a gap in their formation, and I sent in there a LhS column, while the rest of my light horses kept heading to the rear of the enemy line.



While the combat on the right wing raged on, my elephants advanced targetting the dismounted milanese knights. A nasty enemy ArtI made a couple of losses to my command so I charged it and trampled it with my CiC.


Immediately after it, I activated a feigned flight trying to lure the enemy out of the defensive position. The manouver was successful, disordering the enemy at the cost of one psiloi.


My behemots then turned and supported by LhS and by the CiC trampled the enemies inflicting heavy losses to the milanese main corps, forcing it to withdraw slowly the surviving BdS entering a safer rocky rough.


Losses were mounting for both armies. Milanese CiC corps went disheartened, while the swiss were surrounded. The last desperate milanese charge didn't break through, and I disheartened the swiss too, failimng to break the enemy army. 14-11 for the muslim Indians. Luciano comment was: "Che amarezza... (How sad..)"


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