The great war between Romans and Sassanids - part2

After the battle of Edessa, Shapurmax I, the great sassanid King, withdrew as fast as he could back to the persian areas to reorganize and reinforce his battered army. His heir Duke Topo, leading the only surviving sassanid corps, covered this retreat and then took the initiative to use the troops to reinforce the garrison of Edessa.

The Romans didn't pursue the won enemy far. Licinius Rompix corps was disordered, fatigued and in no condition to fight again for the time being. The Emperor Peronianus decided to siege Edessa that refused to surrender.

The siege took two months to be successful. Edessa resistance gave to Shapurmax I the time needed to organize an immense army, threatening, coaxing, bribing and blackmailing the persian nobles. He scraped all the avalaible manpower, all the resources he had. His goal was to crush the Romans and be the overlord of a new Great Persia.

Not that Peronianus was idle. He tried to gain new allies, and received more troops to replace the losses. When Edessa fell, he was glad, and even more when his scouts sighted a large army aimed at the beleauguered city. A decisive battle was going to start.








































The war was not over.....

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