On the footstep of Alexander by Emilio Antichi

Milan tournament report of my Alexandian Imperial army.

I attended the DBMM Milan tournament on 14-16 November 2010. The tournament was limited to second period, so I decided to use my trusted Alexander Imperial army.
My army had 3 commands :

A) S.G. 1Pk(O) 15Pk(O), 4 Pk(S) that ideally should always be placed in the center
B) CiC RegKn(F) 5 RegKn(F) 3 IrrLh(O) 2 RegLh(F) 3IrrCv(O), 6RegPs(O)
C) S.G. RegKn(F) 2 RegKn(F) 3IrrLh(O) 2 RegBw(X)/(S) 1IrrEl(O) 6IrrAx(S) 4RegPs(O)
Stratagem : Ambush


First game vs Hsiung Nu.

My enemy had three Command with a huge number of ILh(S) and maximized ICv. For terrain he had just some PsO..
I invaded and all the terrain I could place for my light troops was Rgo. The table was full of GH and quite open, not the best environment for my army.

I deployed my central phalanx in two ranks, marching to contact with enemy Lh. My fast advance stopped enemy marching. On the left I positioned my troops on some Gh to gain a strong defensive position.
The goal was to delay the enemy horde. After some bounds of combat I spent 8 Lh(S) and destroyed 4 more, but this was not enough to dishearten a command
In the while he swarmed my wings and broke both the corps, taking full advantage of overlaps. I lost 25-0.


Second game vs L.A.Persian

My oppnent had four regular Command with about 20Cv(O), 10Lh(O), and some Kn(I).
I am invaded and set up a Marsh and DH to close one flank and protect my light troops.

My plan was to pivot the whole army protecting the marching flank with the terrain I slowly advanced by wheel,
fighting with good result and disheartening one enemy command. As long I kept coherent my battle line.

Towards the end of the game, I exposed my flank trying to inflict more casualties to enemy and break a corps but doing this I took many as well.

The final result was just a 13-12, we both had 20% losses and a disheartened corps. Sometime I should be more cautious


Third game vs Polibian Roman

The enemy army had three command with a lot of Bd(O) some Sp(S), Cv(O) and Ps(S).

I invaded and placed a SF on my flank with an ambush. He placed all his army offset to my right with just some light troops on my left side.I realized that my opponent committed to have all the fighting on my right and that my ambush had no use.

The melee was very hard and for some reason I and my opponent made some confusion with a rule, what happens when a fleeing elements have no room to move
away, and needed to call for the umpire. My Pike and my knight were decisive to beat the enemy and I won with a final score of 25-0 for me.


Fourth  game vs Late Imp. Roman

Three regular enemy commands, lot of Ax(S) some Bd(O), 2Kn(X), 2Kn(F), 6Cv(O) 2Art(F).
I defended and placed a river to secure a flank and some RF on my left for my light troop. He placed all his Bd in the center with art and AxS and mounted on the wing as support. His AxS were in TGo, while the Kn had a flank protected by the river

My left wing was under severe pressure by enemy Ax and CvO. So I had to speed up my assault with all my army. Central Pk lead the attack with Kn in support
of Kn on the left , the right wing was in delay to protect my flank.
When the pikes arrive in contact they break a command of Bd, and in the meantime the enemy left command was disheartened too.

Finally also my right wing joined combat and broke all the enemy army with a decisive contribution of my Knight fast in wedge.

The fighting was extremely tough, because in the meantime I lost my left wing for a final score 16-9.

I finished 13th in classment scoring 54 points, a result that is very good for me, because I never reached that position.

I met very good gamers with good fair play. My best for a very good organization, the food was ok, there was easy car parking, and so on. Amazing!

Meet you at the next tournament in Milan.

"I Zeneixi "
Emilio Recco Genova