ITC 2013 pictures part 4



De Marie Late Romans facing Resmini's Galatian army


High quality but few Middle Imperial Romans by Tonini battle against the large Persian host by Fantini


Late Imperial Romans by Grombi and Tamil Indians by Aynsley.


Close up of the beautiful Early Vietnamese army by Pizzocri.


Federico Baggio's Thematic Byzantine


Thomas Kimmerle manouvers his baggage to protect it by marauding Turks


Houston's Dailami had to fight Mackay's Seljuqs on a bare battlefield


Nikephorian Byzantines lead by the Sebastocrator Gibson intercept Fassan's turkish ravening horde


One of the many battles of Assyrian civil war


Terrible clash between Lybians and Babilonians


Gorgeous Macedonian army by Lam


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