Spartans vs Marian Romans

This game was a test to check if a Sp heavy army could fight head on versus a Roman Bd army. My friend choosed to use Caesar's Marian Romans, with a mix of BdO and S, supported by assorted troops.

I used Spartans in classical configuration, 3 hoplite corps with SpS in first rank, supported by SpO. My idea was to have a wider possible frontage of hard hitting supported SpS to go and take whichever good target I should face. Having 16 PsS, I was confident I could fight in difficult going too. Of course I needed some terrain on the wings to protect my flanks.


I defended, deploying and moving first. The terrain was very good, with 2 difficult on both wings and a gentle hill in the center, in reach of my troops moving first. This let me try a frontal fight, giving good terrain too to use my PsS.

The Romans deployed a BdO legion facing the hill, X Legio in the center and a cavalry corps on the left. Facing the difficult there were RAxS and PsO.


I started the game refusing the center and advancing on the wings


The Roman was aggressive and pushed along all the line, willing to engage his BdS as soon as possible.


On turn 2 we were already in combat. My left wing charged his cavalry.


I Killed one Cv, and was immediately countercharged. The Roman attacked my PsS with his O. Reckless.


The Roman charged me on the hill too. There my CiC was in first line. A true Spartan.


On the left the picture is taken after another Spartan bound. Cv was slowly disordered, while the were elephant had already killed two elements.


Another Roman push on the left. PsO losses are mounting.


The Roman so far had advanced all along the line. The BdS have been delayed by some PsI, but now are in charge reach. I went for them.



Spartans charged everywhere.


The losses mounted up on the roman left, that was disheartened.


The Spartan CiC cut through the Roman lines. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!


The Roman try to hold on the left, and the disheartened El I is attacked again. The psiloi will be trampled. Fourth element to go down to the beast.


 Picture taken after the Roman combat phase- The ElI in the spartan turn killed the PsO, and pursuing went behind the greek line.. Then attacked in the rear 2 Sp while a BdS charged them in the front., in the point showed by my sad opponent. I survived, but the El presence was going to be nasty if I could not break quickly its corps.


On the right I did two holes in the Roman line in the opponent bound. He overstreched his Bd line, and had no reserves.


In this phase of the battle very low pips plagued the roman, that often was stuck with the generals engaged for they were used leading up front. Roman left wing is doomed


Roman right crumbling


The Roman left wing broke.


After a savage fight the Spartan center broke too.


The other Roman wings collapsed. A bloody victory with 40% Spartan losses: 17-8

The game was a good test. We didn't manouver much, because we both tried to win by a frontal attack. BdS are extremely tough and difficult to stop. I am now quite confident should I engage BdO. The combat is not onesided. Furthermore a frontage of 21-24 SpS should always catch some troops to maul. The wide Spartan frontage made the Roman deploy thinner he should have, and this proved decisive on the right.